All About Games – We have been gamers all our life. We give our honest review of video games, gaming gears, and hardware.

How do we rate our review?

We rate it based on our personal experience (Yes we game a lot!)

Do you monetize your website?

We earn a small commission when you buy games, hardware, and gaming gears through our affiliate links and it’s used to maintain our website and buy us more games to review 🙂

Can I write for your website?

If you love games you are very welcome to submit your draft! we, on the other hand, cannot give monetary compensation for now. (But we are SEO experts so you can catch my drift :D)

Can you review my product?

Yes if it’s relevant to gaming and we will give our 100% honest opinion.

How do we contact you?

Email me at RJ(at)allaboutgames(dot)net or use the contact form.