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Premium Tanks are a special kind of vehicle in the World of Tanks. 

If you are familiar with this exciting multiplayer shooter game, you know that freshmen start with access to basic types of tanks, Afterwards, they are able to unlock more advanced ones along with playing and progression with levels. 

Nevertheless, the same rules don’t apply to Premium Tanks, which cannot be earned in Standard gameplay. 

How are Premium Tanks better than non-premium?

First of all, Premium Tanks grant greater amounts of credits than non-premium ones. The size of the credit bonus grows along with the level of tiers.

What is more, possessing Premium Tanks facilitates the skills development of your crew. The reason behind this is the fact that they grant a bonus of 50% to the experience earned by a crew after battles. 

Summing up, Premium Tanks are vehicles that allow you to increase your credits income, and speed up the process of skills development of a crew. Nevertheless, if they cannot be earned by traditional level progression, how do you get Premium Tanks in the World of Tanks?

4 ways to get Premium Tanks in the World of Tanks

1# Gift shop 

Let’s start with the most intuitive way, which is shopping in the Wargaming store. 

In the store, you can find various types of tanks to choose from. Although this method is costly and requires real money to come into play, it is also a quick, easy and always accessible method to get Premium Tanks.

2# MillionPugs browser extension

Another effortless, but less costly option is using the MillionPugs browser extension. 

It is a special plugin provided by MillionPugs that allows you to collect rewards points, called pugs™, in exchange for shopping online in affiliated stores and, afterwards, redeeming collected points for in-game items for the World of Tanks and other popular games. 

The plugin will automatically notify you every time you visit one of the listed stores with the possibility to activate pugs™ deals. Once you finalize a transaction, you will see the promised number of reward points added to your MillionPugs account. After you collect a sufficient number of them, you can easily exchange it for the content of your choice.

The best part about using the MillionPugs service is that you probably don’t have to make any extra effort. With almost 2000 various stores from multiple industries affiliated, it is very likely that you already frequent at least a few on a regular basis.

What content for the World of Tanks can I get?

MillionPugs has prepared a long list of valuable items for World of Tanks gamers including various kinds of Premium tanks, and other fancy content to up your game. On the MillionPugs site, you can find, for example:

  • gold – from 100 to 7500 units,
  • Premium account,
  • credit boosters,
  • XP boosters,
  • various tanks such as Tier VIII American Heavy Tank M6A2E1, or Tier VIII American Medium Tank T26E4 SuperPershing and many others. 

It makes the MillionPugs plugin an effortless and quick method of earning Premium Tanks.

It is also worth mentioning that MillionPugs has prepared a few starter bonuses, such as a boost of pugs™ for creating an account, or installing the plugin. Consequently, it is even easier to collect a sufficient number of pugs™ at the beginning and equip yourself with a Premium Tank even quicker.

3# In-game gold

Premium Tanks can also be purchased in exchange for gold in the game store.

Gold, next to credits, is the primary currency in the World of Tanks. It is not earned through Standard missions and gameplay, but can be earned by:

  • fighting in Ranked battles and winning, 
  • participating in Clan wars, 
  • completing challenges and missions during special events, 
  • joining bootcamps,
  • using the MillionPugs service.

Once you dispose of a sufficient amount of gold, you can simply purchase a chosen Premium Tank in the game store.

4# Rewards during special events

Last but not least, Premium Tanks can also be granted as a reward during special events.

These are organized events, usually accessible to anyone willing to participate, that propose various challenges and missions to complete. They are associated with different kinds of prizes such as:

  • gold, 
  • consumables, 
  • Premium Account time, 
  • Premium Tanks. 

Consequently, they are also a great source of premium vehicles and other valuable in-game content. It is worthwhile, then, to keep up with the latest news and participate in such occurrences whenever they are organized.

All in all, Premium Tanks in the World of Tanks is a premium content allowing you to increase your credit income, and train your crew in a more efficient way. Despite the fact that they cannot be earned through Standard gameplay, there are effective ways to earn Premium Tanks. 

You can opt for effortless ways such as purchasing them with real money from the Wargaming store, or using the MillionPugs browser extension. Nonetheless, you can also make a little effort and collect in-game gold to exchange it for a Premium Tank, or participate in a special event and count on a Premium Tank as a reward.

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