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The Factory map has to be the best map to practice your CQC and combat skills in Escape from Tarkov. As its name suggests, it’s inside a factory compound. This means you will be battling indoors in tight spaces providing plenty of ambush spots so people who know this map will be at an advantage. 

This map is mostly about killing Scavs and escaping since there isn’t much to explore here. It is a fairly short map with a total of 5 players on your side. That is why if you too want to catch your enemies off guard, then continue reading this guide to learn about its every nook and cranny. 

Overview of the Map

The most important piece of equipment you need before entering the Factory map is the Factory Exit Key. This key will open up 2 extraction points for you, which will be covered in a separate section. The key also unlocks a locked door to the Engineer’s Office on the second floor.

As we mentioned earlier, there are tight corridors and stairwells that you need to keep your eye out for. You can hide there to ambush others or get ambushed by other Scav players. Learn to take advantage of your surroundings and you can easily eliminate any threats without taking risks.

There are a total of 3 keys that spawn in the Factory map. Two of these are for other maps while one opens an area in the main compound. We will cover the locations of these keys and important loot along with the boss information in the coming sections.

Noteworthy Loot

So there is not a lot of loot to look out for in this map compared to the others like the interchange map. If you are new to the game though, you can find some armor that might come in handy for beginners. There is some 3M body armor in the Foreman’s Office on the second floor that you can find above the file cabinets. You can also loot the file cabinets in that room and the safe under the table while you are at it.

So the Pumping Room key which is located near the unloading area is in the changing room. Note that some players like to hide in a toilet stand in this area, but they are easy to spot. So check it out and then you can move around freely, but other than the Pumping Station key, there isn’t much to do here. 

There is a chance that the Shoreline map West Wing Key 306 might spawn in the changing room so keep an eye out for that. You can find some weapon attachments and a gun or two that might be useful. But otherwise, don’t waste your time trying to find useful loot on this map.


The boss of this map is Tagilla, which spawns the instant the raid starts. This guy is insane and will decimate you if you try to face him in close combat. He uses a very powerful hammer and he rams you with it to mow you down.

EFT Boss Tagilla

The best strategy to kill this boss is to exploit the weak points in his armor. His stomach and arms are not covered with any armor whatsoever. Also, his helmet is a welding mask that does not protect his nape.

So stealth is your best option against this boss, you can also try to shoot him from afar. But he will come running towards you, he can breach doors to get to you as well. If he can’t find a way to get to you, he will use a gun to shoot you from afar which is not any less damaging.

But if you can beat the boss you can get some decent loot from him. He has some nifty attachments and you might also get the Tagilla Welding  Mask “Gorilla” off of him. His favorite weapon though, the Death Blow Hammer is un-lootable.

Extraction Points

There are a total of 6 extraction points in this map you can use to escape. Two of them are for PMC faction players, two are for Scavs, and the last two can be used by anyone.

There isn’t any requirement for using these except for 3 extraction points. You need the Factory Exit key for those, so having that in handy is a lifesaver, literally.

Cellars Underground

Tarkov - Cellars Underground

The Cellar is a location in the Underground and is near a spawn point. It is a narrow space and you would do best to be careful if you are using this extract. It is a PMC extract, so if you are one, you can escape through here with the Factory Exit Key. The key has 50 uses, after this, you will either need to find a new one or buy it from the flea market.

Gate 3 

Tarkov - Gate 3

This extract is right across from the Forklifts on your map and is behind a few containers. This is the best exit and can be used by both PMC and Scavs alike. The gate is inside a room and the room is also spacey enough to dodge bullets. It is easy to keep an eye on the door leading to the room so there is minimal risk of getting ambushed.

Gate 0

Tarkov gate 0

Another extract that can be used by any faction, but requires you to have the Factory Exit Key. It is a good exit to take, it is right behind a spawn point so it is pretty hard to miss.

MeD Tent Gates

Tarkov - Med Tent Gates

You can find this extract across from the Scav Bunker where there is a dead Scav lying. It is a PMC extract and needs the Factory Exit Key to access. It is near a PMC spawn where there is a Med Bag you can loot.

Office Window

Tarkov - Office Window

This is located inside the Foreman’s Office, right where you find the 3M Body Armor. It is very hard to miss, right beside the table with a safe under it, but is a Scav only exit.

Camera Bunker Door

Tarkov - Camera Bunker Door

This extract can be found right beside a spawn point, it is in the same underground sector where you find the Cellar extract but all the way across it. Though this is a Scav only exit and can only be used by one of their faction players.

Final Thoughts

After reading this whole guide we are sure that you have a good idea of how to navigate the Factory map in Escape from Tarkov. The main thing is to have the Factory Exit Key handy when entering this map. Lastly, carefully check your surroundings and approach tight spots with caution so you can minimize the threat of getting ambushed.

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