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Escape from Tarkov is a new sensation in the gaming industry. It has a lot to amuse players. But make no mistake it offers a completely different atmosphere from PUBG or Free Fire. You will be continuously switching between hunter and prey characters, and there is no area to make mistakes.

In short, if you’re wondering if Escape from Tarkov is worth buying, then absolutely! But it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a bundle of challenges waiting for you to explore in EFT. To further help you determine if they’re worth encountering, after critical evaluation, I have found the following aspects of the game worth discussing and will answer if escape from Tarkov is worth it.

Combat in Escape from Tarkov – a Ground Breaker?

Combat is the main focus of Escape from Tarkov. From hunting for grenades and armor to battling for survival, all of this can add up to intensify your gaming experience. But in comparison to other competitive games, EFT is a fresh breath of air.

It’s safe to say that EFT offers an element of realism and simulation like ARMA, combined with the first-person shooter game mechanics like Insurgency: Sandstorm. In EFT, you will be experiencing realistic combat. Some examples of this are the system of reloads or the gunplay. If you reload the firearm magazine too fast, you will end up dropping it. The shooting will be rough, realistic without the availability of crosshair. So, you will be needing to learn the recoiling or aiming basics before entering the shoreline map or any other map of the game.

How Immersive is Escape from Tarkov?

When it comes to locations, there’s much to keep the player amused and engaged in EFT. Factories, villas, power and gas stations, and many other loot points are featured in the map to plunder while encountering PVP battles. The fear of characters like Killa – a strong opponent in the Interchange map keeps the player alert and attentive until the very end. 

Weapon handling, the sound of footsteps and other items, injury system, ammo scarcity, and the visuals, everything is designed with great concentration to impart realism in the game. Thus, stepping in for the first time is outright daunting. 

But don’t think that the veterans are not prone to making blunders. Sometimes the battles are lost or won on slight mistakes like getting your location revealed by the sound of checking or reloading the magazine. 

On the other hand, some features are also serving as immersion-breakers in EFT. The players are unable to swim in any stream, river, or sea. Moreover, you will be restricted from climbing even the short-length fences. These barriers result in frustrating the players especially when they are welcomed with certain features having above par detailing.

Trading Possibilities

Being an EFT player means you will have two different paths to choose from. You can either engage in combat or start earning money. Even if participating in intense gunfights is your interest, you will need to boost your capabilities. And this is not possible without having the best gears, affording which requires profit maximization.

The EFT’s ‘flea market’ opens doors to trading and bartering items like an old smartphone or duct tape for getting body armor or high-penetration weapons. So, if you like purchasing in player-driven markets, this game is the right choice for you.

How Simple it is to Explore Around EFT’s Maps?

All the maps of Escape from Tarkov are extremely diverse. This means no matter from whichever location you start; you will always have an area to explore or plunder. However, the extensive discoverability turns out to be a con without any lead. 

Since the game does not guide on locations in any way, it is easy to get lost on the map. So it is crucial to read map guides before beginning to play. Otherwise, the wide-area for exploration will serve more like a roadblock rather than engaging the player.

Price and Compatibility

If only EFT was available for free, I would have suggested everyone play and experience this game at least once. But price appears to be one of the downsides of this game. Though the game is still available in beta, the price range of its four editions varies from $44.99 to as high as $139.99. Hence, buying it would be pointless if you’re only aiming to play it casually. 

Also, as the game is still undergoing developmental stages, changes and updates are always introduced. This can tick off someone looking for a bug-free gaming experience (especially when you are paying good sums for it). 

Moreover, though the official system requirements are not much, optimization issues are sometimes encountered. So, you may need to change the settings frequently to have a smooth gaming experience.

Wrapping Up – The Worth of Escape from Tarkov in 2021

So is escape from tarkov worth it? Definitely! the game is challenging, engaging, and has a huge fanbase. After top gamers including Shroudy Rowdy started streaming this game on Twitch, its followers have surpassed 3 million while the viewer count is never less than 10k. So, for hardcore gamers, there’s nothing to lose at the moment. 

The game has already amassed a good number of viewers, you just need to learn the basics, buy the game, and enjoy its realistic and intense gameplay.

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