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The Reserve map is what players call the motherload of loot maps in the game. It is by far one of the most profitable maps in Escape from Tarkov. But for beginners, navigating through it can be challenging due to how massive it is. 

From strategic vantage points to underground tunnels and bunkers that are perfect for an ambush. Let us go through what obstacles await you in this map along with the multiple extraction points available.

Overview of the Map

reserve map tarkov


Reserve Map is a military base so there are tons of profitable items to find. When you view the map for the first time, you can see that there are sectors marked with chess pieces. All of these chess pieces are also painted on the respective buildings that are prominent in those sectors.

Queen/Radio Dome

Queen dome, Radio dome

The Radio Dome is located at the northmost area of the map which can be viewed from wherever you spawn. It is pretty distinguishable thanks to its position atop a hill and the dome-like shape of the building. This sector contains plenty of loots, specifically electronics, guns, gun attachments, and ammo. This sector also houses an extraction point that we will talk about later.

The dome is a spot where you should tread carefully as most people climb atop it to snipe people from a high spot. Along with the intelligence folders, there is an underground tunnel in this area. The underground tunnels will lead you right into the next sector we will talk about, barracks or the pawn sector.

Pawn/ Barracks and Classrooms

Pawn / Barracks and Classroom

In this sector, you will find buildings that are filled with ammo and medical items. In the center of this area is a helicopter which contains an intelligence folder. But it is in a very risky or compromised area since it is surrounded by buildings from which you can be an easy target.

King/ Airspace Control Centre

Airspace Control Centre

This area is filled with broken-down servers that will provide you with expensive electronics. You can also find intelligence folders in this area, overall a good and profitable place to loot if you get the chance.

The roof of the building is a great vantage point that contains guns and gun attachments to find.

Rook/ Train Maintenance and Station

Train Maitenance and Station

This area should be tread carefully as the boss Glukhar might spawn here. A condition-free extraction point is in this area in the form of an armored train.

The Depo hermetic door extraction for the Scav faction can be found nearby as well. There are weapon crates in the area which can be looted for additional ammo and guns.

Boss Glukhar

Boss Glukhar

Glukhar is the boss of this map and he has his own followers that you need to face. If you try to fight him from a distance, both he and his followers will mow you down quickly. Their aim is pretty accurate and they all have heavy armor on their body.

The strategy to face Glukhar is to simply move in quickly to close range and take him out. You don’t stand a chance from a distance so close-quarters gun combat is your best bet. His followers will surround you quickly so you need to be fast and precise.

In total there are 6 followers, two of these stay with the boss while 4 will go after players. If the boss is killed, the two followers guarding him will go after the closest players as well.

Extraction Points

There are a total of 9 extraction points so far in the reserve map, which include some that are mentioned above. We will elaborate on these further in this section.

Cliff Descent

Cliff Descent EFT

This extraction point is near the Queen/Dome area of the map. You need to be part of the PMC faction to be able to use it. But other than the faction requirement you also need Paracord, Red Rebel Pick, and must not be wearing armor vest.

Armored Train

Armored Train Tarkov

Arrives at the train station 25-35 minutes after the raid starts. Any faction unit can take this extraction point but be wary of Scav Raiders that spawn nearby. The train stops for 7 minutes and honks in intervals to inform you about its arrival and departure.

Hole by Fence in Mountains

You need to be part of the Scav faction for this one. It can be found behind the Black Pawn building in the E section with the emplaced weapons. Just head to the North East and you can find the hole by the fence in the mountains.

Scav Lands

For this, you need to have an ally Scav player to use. This extraction point is usually not worth the hassle and players avoid it altogether. But if you want to check it out it’s between the black and white Bishop on a street that leads to a barricade.

Sewer Manhole 

Sewer Manhole EFT

This extraction requires you to have no backpack on. So a rather useless point to take if you are on this map for the loot. Also, it is pretty exposed as well so a big chance that you will get ganked and killed. To find it head north of the black Knight building.

Heating Pipe

The heating pipe is a Scav faction-only extraction that has no requirements whatsoever. It is a great way for you to make your escape if you are from the Scav faction. Find it near the east of the Hermetic Doors alongside the wall facing north.


This one is a PMC faction exclusive extraction point. You need to pull a lever in the underground bunker of the King/Airspace Control Center. Then a switch on the wall will trigger your extraction. But as soon as you pull the lever Scav Raiders are spawned which you need to care for.

Bunker Hermetic Door

This one is an all-faction extraction that can be used to escape by anyone. But there is a small trick to this point, you need to first activate a lever in a shack nearby the helicopter. After which you have 4 minutes to get to the extraction. Be warned though, as soon as you use the lever Scav Raiders spawn around the train station.

Depo Hermetic Door

A Scav only extraction point was found by the Depo Hermetic Doors. Pretty easy to use and find if you are part of the faction

CP Fence

This one is also the Scav only extraction, found north underneath the hill on which the Queen/Dome Radio Station is found.

Final Thoughts

Treading through the reserve map can be a bit tricky due to its sheer size. But it has so much loot in-store for you that it’s nothing short of a goldmine. So to maximize the gameplay experience, we’ve laid out every detail you need to know about this massive map. Follow along, and have fun hunting!

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