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How to Reduce Apex Legends Lag

Apex Legends

If we make a list of all the popular esports titles, we cannot finish it without the inclusion of Apex Legends. The game has gained a lot of popularity due to its unique characters, abilities, and vast but well-designed maps. However, in the business of eSports, having low latency is important. The slightest stutter of a frame can cause lag and in turn, cost you the match. That is why in this article we will tell you how to reduce Apex Legends lag.

There are a few steps you can take to reduce the lag in Apex Legends. The first is to check your internet connection. The recommended speed is at least 15-20MBps for a smooth gaming experience. If you already meet that criterion, then the fault lies somewhere in your hardware. Lastly, if there are no issues with both your internet and hardware, then you might need to update your game’s software.

But there are also other things you need to consider, such as the bandwidth. If multiple devices are connected to your internet and are streaming videos or even browsing the web, then that can strain the bandwidth and contribute to lag. So here are 3 steps you can follow to address these potential issues:

3 Steps to Reduce Apex Legends Lag

Step 1: Check Your Internet Connection

The easiest way to check your internet connection is by running an online speed checker like It will not only test your download and upload speed but also tell you if you have a high packet loss and which is the optimal server in your location.

test internet speed apex legends

Check the results of the test to see whether you have a stable connection that does not have packet losses and high ping. If you are seeing high ping, low download, or upload then you call your ISP and discuss the issue with them. 

Step 2: Check Recommended Hardware Specifications

If you are running old hardware then you might need to upgrade because having a good GPU, RAM, and CPU is important for gaming. Check if your hardware meets the recommended requirements of Apex Legends by visiting the official EA site. If you don’t meet the recommended gaming specifications, then there’s no other option but to upgrade your rig.

Set it to lower settings until you get at least 60 FPS

But if you do meet the hardware requirements then switch up the game to the best performance in the Graphics Settings. This will optimize and remove any settings that are unnecessary and do not

impact the game itself. It might reduce the quality of the graphics slightly but it will make your experience smoother.

We recommend this because sometimes a few settings might interfere with your hardware. Dedicated hardware does a better job at pulling off those settings than others. But if that setting is unnecessary it will just impact the game with your current hardware and upgrading it is just a waste of money. Just turn that setting off or let the game do it for you by choosing the best performance.

Step 3: Update Your Game and Drivers

Games frequently get bugs which can cause issues in the overall gameplay for players. One of these issues might cause lag as well while you are playing online. To fix these bugs and to improve the gameplay developers usually release frequent patches. 

apex legends - update your drivers
Check your device manager and see if drivers are up to date!

Updating your Apex Legends, checking for file integrity, and making sure you have the latest patch version installed is important for a lag-free gaming experience.

If that is also not solving the issue, updating your drivers is also worth considering. Some GPUs are not optimized for games when they are released, specifically older GPUs that predate the game’s release. So manufacturers release driver updates that help your hardware perform better at that game. In case if you’re not already running the latest version of drivers, then try updating, as that will help your hardware run Apex Legends more efficiently.

What to Do If I Can’t Reduce Lag in Apex Legends?

If you were losing because of lag in Apex Legends, hopefully, one of the above methods helped you reduce it. If you are still facing lag in the game, try reinstalling Apex Legends and contact EA with your issue, they are sure to answer your queries and resolve your issue on their servers.

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