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In a game like Red Dead Redemption 2, horses play a really important role not just in traveling from point A to point B, but also in using their abilities in order to progress through the game easier. Since we are talking about one of the most realistic games ever created, it is obvious to expect many different horse characteristics when it comes to specific breeds.

Red Dead Redemption 2 offers plenty of horses to choose from, each coming with different aesthetic attributes (color, build, size), and abilities such as straight-line speed, acceleration, spookiness, stamina, and more.

This means that some horses in the game are better than others, but also very rare due to their overpowered abilities. So, let’s go through some of the rarest horse breeds and find out how to get them.

The White Arabian Horse

The White Arabian Horse is without a doubt one of the rarest horses you can get in the game that can serve you until you complete all your missions. The Arabian horse breed in RDR2 is considered an Elite Superior horse that comes with different coats, and are extremely high-tier horses. This is why their price at some of the stables can go as high as $1,000.

Arabian horses boast impressive speed and acceleration and are a very dependable breed making them perfect for traveling over longer distances.

However, since there are different types of coats, the White Arabian Horse is considered the rarest of them all.

In order to get a white Arabian horse, you need to head over to the west side of Lake Isabella, and make sure to put on your winter gear since it will be freezing. You should also save the game once you arrive there before you try to tame a white Arabian horse. There are some reports that suggest that after a couple of unsuccessful tries to tame a white Arabian horse, the animal won’t respawn again.

White Arabian horses are easily spooked so make sure you are careful with your approach. Try to calm it down by patting it and once the process is done, you’ll have the rarest horse in the game.

Brindle Thoroughbred

The second rare horse you can try to get is the Brindle Thoroughbred. This breed, just like in professional horse racing events today, prides itself on being one of the fasters horses in the game. You can find out more about them in the thoroughbred racing news by TwinSpires. 

With that said, this horse breed is not for traveling over longer distances due to low stamina and health, but if you are looking for straight-line speed and acceleration Thoroughbreds are perfect.

Brindle Thoroughbred is a bit easier to get, but it is quite expensive and you might not have that kind of money at the beginning of a game. Once you reach Chapter 3, you can head over to Strawberry Stables and purchase a Brindle Thoroughbred.

Rose Grey Black Arabian

Looking through the top-tier Arabian horses it is hard not to include this beautiful and rare horse, that can be purchased at Blackwater Stable once you’ve reached Epilogue 1 in the story. When we are talking about Arabian horses, it is worth mentioning that the Rose Grey color is the fastest of them all.

This is why it is also the most expensive coming at $1250 which is quite a lot considering all the other horses that are much cheaper.


The thing that makes the Turkoman breed special is the health status and stamina that has without sacrificing speed. This is one of the best horses you can obtain in an early game, and it unlocks once you reach Chapter 4.

You can find a Turkoman horse in the Saint-Denis Stable, and they come in a variety of colors, with identical stats across the board.

It is a great horse that is well worth your money with a huge specter of abilities that will be very useful in the game.

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