celestial dew elden ring
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What Is Celestial Dew Elden Ring?

celestial dew elden ring

Celestial Dew Elden Ring is a Consumable Item in the game – it is an incredibly useful tool for adventurers. It grants a variety of effects that can aid players in their journeys – such as restoring HP, removing negative status effects, or even providing temporary buffs. This item can also be thrown at enemies to deal damage.

In addition to its restorative powers, Celestial Dew also has another unique benefit – it can be used at the Church of Vows to reverse all antagonizations and bring back the fallen merchant NPCs. This process is known as an Absolution and can provide a much-needed reprieve from the dangers of the world.

This hidden Tear, known as a Night Tear, is found in the Eternal City. It has the power to undo any hostility through an Absolution at the Church of Vows. This special item can effectively transform a tense situation back to its original state.

Specific Examples of Celestial Dew Uses

Are you stuck in a situation in Elden Ring where an NPC has suddenly gone from friendly to hostile? Maybe you accidentally got them caught in the crossfire of a boss fight, or perhaps you slashed them too many times with your weapon to test out their behavior? In any case, don’t worry – there’s a solution.

Presenting: the mysterious and powerful Celestial Dew. This magical item can help you restore your relationship with an NPC, as well as bring back to life any character you may have lost along the way.

But what is this Celestial Dew, and how do you get it? It’s actually a consumable item you can find in the game. Once you’ve obtained it, all you need to do is use it on the aggrieved NPC and you’ll be back on good terms in no time.

So don’t despair if you find yourself in a situation where you’ve lost an important character’s questline due to a falling out – the Celestial Dew is here to help. Just remember to use it wisely and you should have no problem restoring the peace in the Lands Between.

Where To Obtain Celestial Dew Elden Ring

  • Pidia, Carian Servant (Vendor)

Pidia, the Carian Servant, is at Caria Manor. To get to him, you must first complete the manor and gain access to the Three Sisters sub-region. This can be done by dropping down the cliff from Three Sisters.

  • Ainsel River Well (Uhl Palace Ruins)

The Uhl Palace Ruins, nestled deep in the Ainsel River, is a location in Elden Ring. It is split into two distinct sections, each with its own entrance from the Ainsel River. To access the southern portion of the ruins, head southwest from the Ainsel River Well Depths Site of Grace once you arrive at the Ainsel River from the Ainsel River Well. 

The northern portion of the Uhl Palace Ruins can be accessed from Ainsel River Main, by traveling south from the Ainsel River Main Site of Grace after entering from Renna’s Rise.

  • Ainsel River Vendor

Hermit Merchant Ainsel River isn’t your average NPC. He’s one of the many Hermit Merchants spread throughout Elden Ring, and he brings a wealth of items with him. From consumables and materials to weapons and armor, his selection is sure to have something you need. 

Plus, he carries notes containing secrets on how to acquire certain items! If you want to find him, he’s located at the far end of a large stone ruin in the southwest part of Ainsel River. So come on over and take a look – you never know what you might find!

  • Main Academy Gate

Nestled in Liurnia of the Lakes is the Academy Gate Town – a location from the highly anticipated game, Elden Ring. From many directions around the lake, the half-submerged town is visible. To the southeast is the Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace, which is in close proximity and leads directly to the Academy Gate Town. Explorers can take multiple pathways to it, making its discovery quite accessible.

  • Hallowhorn Grounds (Siofra River)

The mysterious Hallowhorn Grounds are two ancient shrines located in the land of Elden Ring. In the southeast of the Siofra River region, one can be found in a vast open space, while the other can be found north of the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace in Nokron, Eternal City.

These mysterious temples appear to have been left to the elements, with tall grasses and weeds overtaking the ruins, and a large deer carcass lying just beyond. In front of the shrines are numerous stone obelisks, which remain remarkably still until fires are lit in various parts of the Siofra River and Nokron. Then, in an awe-inspiring display, the obelisks slowly light up one by one.

  • Night’s Sacred Ground (Siofra River)

The Night’s Sacred Ground is a mysterious place tucked away in the depths of Nokron, the Eternal City. To find it, you must start from the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace and make your way down the ruins. Although the Night’s Sacred Ground shares the same map as the Siofra River, there doesn’t seem to be a direct route linking the two locations.

It’s a hidden gem, a sacred ground with a mysterious aura that captivates all who set foot in its presence. Night’s Sacred Ground is a must-see destination for any adventurer who wishes to explore the depths of Elden Ring.

  • Nokstella Eternal City

Nokstella, Eternal City is a stunning location within Elden Ring. Situated on the western bank of Ainsel River Main, it is a place that must be seen to be believed.

Accessing this breathtaking city is easy. You can take the river west from the northern Uhl Palace Ruins. For those who have already completed Ranni’s quest, a waygate at the top of Renna’s Rise leads directly to the Ainsel River Main and Nokstella. 

Alternatively, the coffin in Deeproot Depths can be used to bypass the quest. Whatever path you take, make sure to take in the sights of the Nokstella, Eternal City. This picturesque place is sure to take your breath away.

  • Academy of Raya Lucaria

If you dare venture beyond the teleporting south gate in Raya Lucaria, you will find a dead body lying there, offering up celestial dew as a reward. But be warned, a Bloodhound Knight lurks nearby, just waiting to pounce. So take caution if you seek the bounty of the dead.

The gate is a portal to the unknown and what lies beyond it is a mystery. But with a bit of courage and the willingness to take a risk, you might just find something valuable. But don’t forget, the Bloodhound Knight is always nearby, so be ready for whatever may come.

  • Leyndell, Royal Capital

The final Celestial Dew can be found in Leyndell on a corpse next to a ladder in the upper section of the Erdtree sanctuary, located to the east of the Erdtree Sanctuary, the sight of grace.

For those seeking the Celestial Dew, a pilgrimage must be taken to Leyndell. Here, nestled in the upper section of the Erdtree sanctuary, lies a ladder next to a corpse. This is the sight of grace, located east of the Erdtree Sanctuary. The Celestial Dew can be found here, waiting to be discovered.

How To Use Celestial Dew

The Celestial Dew is a consumable item, yet it’s not as simple as equipping or selecting it in your inventory. To use the Celestial Dew, make your way to the Church of Vows situated east of the Liurnia of the Lakes swamp.

You can reach it by heading west from East Tableland’s Site of Grace, riding uphill until you reach a graveyard area and the church’s entrance. Alternatively, you can use a portal at Raya Lucaria Academy – access it from the Site of Grace at the Debate Parlor, head outside to the courtyard, and take the long stairs on the right.

At the top of the stairs, you’ll find a building entrance. Go into the lobby and veer right – you’ll find a portal leading directly to the Church of Vows. Beware of Moongrum and Carian Knight who may be lurking.

Once you’re there, you’ll meet Miriel, Pastor of Vows, a giant turtle who will explain that the Celestial Dew can be used in the nearby basin to absolve yourself of some sins. Miriel also sells some handy magic spells such as Magic Glintblade and Carian Greatsword.

Finally, interact with the statue in the large basin at the church to use the Celestial Dew. If you come across any trouble, remember that luring your foes outside to get squished by the giant metal ball is a satisfying and amusing way to deal with them.


There you have it. All locations where you can get celestial dew elden ring consumables. We hope this guide was helpful and we’re sure you’ll enjoy the game much more now that you have potions and consumables on your side. Good luck!

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