millicent questline elden ring
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What Is The Millicent Questline?

millicent questline elden ring

In Elden Ring, Millicent is an NPC who has an important quest line where you must retrieve an important item – an unalloyed gold needle, from treacherous opponents in hostile lands.

Elden Ring is an upcoming action role-playing video game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game is set in a world created by the collaboration between game director Hidetaka Miyazaki and author George R.R. Martin. It is the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed Dark Souls series.

The game will feature a wide variety of enemies, including a variety of bosses. Players will explore a vast open world and battle against various enemies while solving puzzles and progressing through the game. Players will also be able to customize their character with different weapons, armor, and magic.

Players can expect the classic Dark Souls style of difficulty, as well as a new level of detail and complexity. With the help of George R.R. Martin’s world-building, Elden Ring promises to take players on a journey through a world full of mystery and danger.

But in this article, we will teach you how to play this questline to make your gaming journey in the world of Edlen Ring as smooth and easy as possible. Let’s begin!

  1. Where To Find Gowry
gowry's shack

To begin the quest, you have to find Gowry at his shack in Caelid, which is south of Sellia. He will then ask you to find and bring him an unalloyed gold needle from the swamp of Aeonia.

  1. Where To Get Unalloyed Gold Needle
commander oneil location

Go to the Southeast of the Inner Aeonia site of grace. There you will have to do battle with Commander O’neil, who possesses the said unalloyed gold needle. You have to engage and do battle with him to get it so we’d advise you to bring along a strong spirit summon to tank attacks. 

O’neil envelops the area with Scarlet Rot by spinning his weapon, instantly infecting everyone inside. His attacks are pretty easy to avoid. All you need to do is run away once the Commander starts spinning his weapon.

  1. Return Unalloyed Gold Needle To Gowry
Sellia location

Gowry will then instruct you on how to open the seals all throughout Sellia. You might as well light the three beacons on the towers while you’re hopping the rooftops while doing so.

After doing all that reload the area and go back to Gowry to get the unalloyed gold needle that has been repaired. Talk some more with him to move on to the next quest which is to bring the repaired needle to Millicent. 

  1. Where To Find Millicent To Bring Her The Needle
church of the plauge millicent

Millicent is in the Church of the Plague located northeast of Gowry’s shack. Head on over to that location and speak with her and hand over the needle. Sit down near the site of grace and Millicent will stand up, as she does this keep talking to her until she rewards you with the Prosthesis wearer’s heirloom talisman which increases dexterity by +5.

Sit back down again at the site of grace and talk to Millicent and after all her dialogue is done she moves on to Gowry’s shack as her next location. Go there and keep talking to her until she moves on again and Gowry starts selling you pest-based spells

  1. Valkyrie’s Prosthesis
shaded castle

As you continue through the Millicent questline, you’ll need the Valkyrie Prosthesis. The artifact is located at the Altus Plateau in the Shaded Castle. The easiest way to get there is by going north from the Grand Lift of Dectus passing through a ravine. Get inside by the castle’s exterior – there you’ll find a Clean Rot Knight which you will have to beat and return to the Erdtree gazing hill site of grace. 

Millicent can be found within the area for you to offer her the Valkyrie Prosthesis then after talking through her dialogue, travel far to the north side of Altus Plateau to Dominula Windmill Village.

  1. The Dominulla Windmill Village
godskin apostle location

Here you will be facing off against a Godskin Apostle and as usual a spirit summon tank is enough to beat it. Once you beat it, you get rewarded with a God Skin Peeler and Scouring Black Flame Incantation

A Site of Grace appears after the battle and you should next rest there for Millicent to re-appear once more, fitted with a new prosthesis on her arm. Again, keep talking to all her dialogue which moves the quest along which then is up the mountaintops of the giants in the snow valley ruins site of grace.

  1. Mountaintops Of The Giants

To access the mountaintops, you’ll need to get two of the great runes.  Get the ones from Godric and Rennala. Then, journey through Lanedale Royal Capital and take on Morgoth the Omen King at the Elden Throne.

After that, Melina will give you the Rold Medallion, which can be used to take the Grand Lift of Rold up to the mountaintops. From there, it’s a short distance north to the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins where you can meet Millicent.

This is an important checkpoint for Millicent’s quest. If you don’t complete her quest up to this point and speak with her before initiating a certain ritual with Melina at the Forge of the Giants, you may not be able to finish Millicent’s Questline.

Note: Slaying the fire giant and conducting the ritual with Melina will block off many questlines in the game. So, before you do it, make sure you’ve completed any important questlines. Not doing those quests before will prevent you from accessing any vital content.

  1. How To Get To Miquella’s Haligtree
miquella's haligtree

Getting to Miquella’s Haligtree needs a few extra steps so here’s how you do it.

  • Get the (Right) Haligtree Secret Medallion from an NPC disguised as a barrel in the Village of the Albinuaries
  • The (Left) Haligtree Secret Medallion can be found in Castle Sol, from Mountaintops of Giants. Jump over cliffs to get to the castle.
  • Use both Secret Medallions at the Grand Lift of Rold, this brings you to the western part of the Mountaintops of Giants.
  • Step into the Overgaol in Ordina and light the 4 flames
  • Step through the portal in Ordina
  • Go through Miquella’s Haligtree
  • After beating Loretta, follow the path going to Elphael

Once you’ve arrived at Miquella’s Haligtree you’ll need to make your way through it

until reaching the prayer room site of grace which is after defeating Loretta

The Knight of the Haligtree make sure to defeat the Clean Rot Knight outside of

the prayer room before entering, as neglecting to do so could put Millicent in danger. Once again, talk through all of Millicent’s dialogue then move on.

  1. Elphael Inner Wall Site of Grace
exterior entrance to the shaded castle

Make your way past the enemy turret encampment and you’ll find yourself at the Elphael Inner Wall Site of Grace. From here, roll through the scarlet rot and you’ll end up in the drainage channel Sight of Grace. When you’re done here, you can exit west and climb the ladder to wherever you need to go.

Explore the leaves and limbs of the tree and make your way to a small island. When you get there, you’ll find a deep pit that is filled with Scarlet rot. A Legendary Glovewort rests in the pit, and any attempt to approach it will summon an Ulcerated Tree Spirit.

Millicent’s quest is far from complete, but an important decision must be made. Two summoning signs appear nearby, and Millicent must defeat the tree spirit to progress.

  • The Gold summoning sign will have Millicent join forces with four of her sisters in a fight to the finish. It’s a key moment in her quest line that will determine the outcome.
  • The Red summoning sign beckons for a challenge – to either slash or betray Millicent. Helping her out will be rewarded with the Rotten Wing Sword Insignia Talisman, which significantly increases the power of consecutive strikes. 

Furthermore, you may also receive Miquella’s Needle and the Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone after completing your task. Finally, engaging Millicent in conversation will offer some final words.

  1. Final Words And Tips

Reload the area and return to her to retrieve the unalloyed gold needle as a side note be careful not to jump or fall on her as doing so will kill her and prevent any further interaction. 

Fortunately,  you will still get the Unalloyed gold needle even if you do that by accident on the other hand successfully betraying and defeating Millicent will reward you with Millicent’s prosthesis talisman which raises dexterity by five and boosts the

damage of successive attacks although to a lesser extent than the Rotten Winged

Sword Insignia.

Head back to the area and retrieve the unalloyed gold needle. Be mindful when near her, as jumping or falling on her will result in her death and cut off any further communication. Even if you accidentally do so, you will still get the gold needle. 

On the other hand, successfully defeating Millicent will reward you with the Millicent’s Prosthesis Talisman, which increases your dexterity by five and amplifies the strength of subsequent strikes, although not as much as the Rotten-Winged Sword Insignia.

  1. Betraying or Helping Millicent?

If you choose to betray Millicent, there’s no way you’ll get Miquella’s Needle or the Legendary Somber Smithing Stone. However, when you return to this area, you’ll find that she has bloomed into a scarlet flower. At this point, if you chose to betray Millicent, you can go back to Gowry’s Shack to finish up his storyline. 

You’ll find Gowry dead when you arrive, and you can pick up the Flock’s Canvas Talisman, along with Gowry’s Bell Bearing the Talisman boosts the potency of incantations, and you can get these items if you opted to aid Millicent too, but you should wait until after defeating Malenia. That’s basically the end of Millicent’’s Questline for those who choose the path of betrayal.

If you helped Millicent, you’d be rewarded with an Unalloyed Gold Needle. Once you’ve taken down Malenia in the Haligtree’s roots, you can make use of your needle.


The Millicent questline promises to be a great part of playing Elden Ring, with its intricate story, dangerous opponents, and unalloyed gold needle as the ultimate reward. It is sure to be one of the best parts of the Elden Ring game and a great way to experience the world of George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki.

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