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Ghost-type Pokémon may be spooky and elusive, but don’t let their spectral tricks fool you – they’ve got some serious weaknesses.

From certain attack types that they just can’t handle to specific Pokémon that can take them down with ease, there are plenty of ways to get the upper hand in battle.

So if you’re tired of getting haunted by these pesky Pokémon, read on as we cover some glaring weaknesses of ghost type Pokémon.

What are Ghost-Type Pokémon Weak Against?

The weaknesses for each type of Pokémon are very much rooted in truth and logic as Fire-type Pokémon are logically weak against Water, but naturally strong against grass.

And Ground-types may seem impenetrable, but a well-placed Grass attack can bring them down because plants can grow through the ground.  

Following that same logic, what do you think Ghost-type Pokémon should be weak against? Can’t figure it out? Don’t worry because we’re revealing the answer down below.

1. Dark Type Pokémon

Ghosts are intangible beings meaning that they can’t be touched by tangible beings or objects. But something that does have an upper hand on Ghosts are Dark-type Pokémon. 

In the Pokémon universe, Dark Pokémon exist as dark spirits much like ghost Pokémon. They have the ability to interact with ghost types and even turn them over to the dark side through contact.

And that is why Ghost-type Pokémon are weak against dark types. Some common examples of Dark-type Pokémon that you can use against ghost types include Umbreon, Absol and Sableye.

2. Ghost Type Pokémon

It’s easy to see why Ghost-type Pokémon would have a unique weakness compared to other types of Pokémon. 

As intangible creatures, they can pass through most physical objects, making them difficult to pin down. 

It follows that their greatest weakness would be other ghosts. Ghost-type Pokémon are the only creatures in the Pokémon world that are weak against their own type, which can make battles with them all the more interesting. 

Attacks from other Ghost-type Pokémon can be especially effective due to their spectral nature.

What Attack Types are Ghost Pokémon Immune Against?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Ghost-type Pokémon have unique weaknesses, but they also have some immunities that make them quite challenging to face. 

Ghost Pokémon are immune to Normal and Fighting-type attacks, regardless of their strength. So, it’s best to avoid using these types of moves if you plan on battling against them.

Additionally, Ghost-type Pokémon are strong against Psychic-type attacks and can deal double the damage. 

But beware, some Elite Four members in different regions use a full Ghost-type Pokémon team. If you aspire to become a Pokémon Master, then you’ll need to build a diverse team that can handle any type of challenge.

Which Pokémon Types are Ghost-Type Pokémon Resistant Against?

Ghost Pokémon are the only pure type Pokémon that have a separate set of attacks that they are immune to and resistant against. 

We’ve already mentioned the set of attacks they’re immune to so let’s move on to what they’re resistant against. 

Ghosts are resistant to poison and Bug-type attacks. This essentially means that these attacks only do half the damage to ghosts compared to what they would do to a regular opponent. 

So we’ll suggest that you refrain from taking these Pokémon into battle against a Ghost-type Pokémon as well. 

But if the ghost opponent you’re facing is at a level substantially lower than your Bug or Poison-type Pokémon then you still might have a chance even though the damage you inflict will be halved.

How to Identify Ghost Type Pokemon in Battle?

Ghost-type Pokémon are pretty unique in terms of appearance as well. Appearing mostly during the night, these intangible creatures have a creepy, darker aura around them. 

Their design and appearance is based on real-world objects like tree stumps, swords, pumpkins and candles. 

But even with this knowledge, finding them is not an easy task, as they also possess the ability to disappear and reappear when approached. 

So, make sure you have your Pokéball ready and your nerves settled before you approach any of them.

Final Thoughts

And that’s about all we have for you folks. Now, you might have noticed that we didn’t mention Dual-type Pokémon in the article. 

Specifically, Dual-type Pokémon that are half Ghosts. That’s because it would require a separate article due to all the different combinations of Pokémon that exist in the universe. 

You can easily figure them out for yourself though, by combining the other pure type’s strengths and weaknesses with that of the ghost’s. 

Just remember to do your research before you start looking for Pokémon in the wild, especially if you’re trying to find a Ghost-type Pokémon.

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