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In many games, we often play as characters who are always at the mercy of some powerful antagonist or superior entities. You might be an adventurer on a quest to save the world from an evil dragon. Or a detective trapped in an asylum ran by a crazy scientist. Or a fresh gangster hoping to conquer the city’s illegal scene. 

Being the underdog sucks sometimes. 

So imagine a game where you’re the boss – a massive god game. You get to set your own rules, choose your powers, rule the people, and control the universe with the click of a mouse. That’s what Super World Box is all about.

What is Super WorldBox?

Super WorldBox is a sandbox game rocking the classic pixel graphics most of us grew to love. At first glance, it looks like your typical god simulator, but it’s much deeper than that. You can create empires, spawn creatures, maintain relationships between kingdoms, and even orchestrate wars!

After burning two hours into the game, it feels weird to say this, but I really love the fact that you get to play god in Super WorldBox. The feeling of being in control isn’t something many games offer nowadays. No stressful missions, mentally exhausting puzzles, or heart-wrenching decisions – Just a chill game where you can play as the hero or the villain. 

The Gameplay

Super Worldbox’s gameplay is pretty straightforward with some mechanical touches that set it apart from others in the genre. First, you select the basic dimensions of your world. You can either spawn a small island or several massive continents. 

I started with an average map with three large landmasses I could populate with. There’s a lot of options at the beginning that things got overwhelming rather quickly. Thankfully, the Tutorial Bear is there to give you a concise rundown of the basics. 

I’m not gonna bore you with minorities or spoil you with the events that happened during my playthrough. Still, here’s an overview of the mechanics in Super WorldBox so far.

Create & Shape Your World Tab 

This is the primary control center for your game. It’s where you can save your current game, view world statistics, tweak the settings, mess with time, and impose laws every creature will have to follow. You can also mold the landscape with the various options available here, like increase ground level, shallow waters, deep waters, add hills, and more!

Civilization, Kingdoms, and Villages Tab

You have four races to choose from: the classic Humans, the peaceful Elves, the savage Orcs, and the resourceful Dwarves. Simply tap on the part of the world where you want to spawn a unit. If you place them near resources like trees and stone depots, the people will automatically work on building a civilization. I had so much fun watching the villages grow into prosperous kingdoms with unique strengths and distinct weaknesses.

Of course, you can control the relationships between kingdoms. You can create alliances and initiate wars. I teamed up the Humans with the Elves and the Dwarves with the Orcs. It was a blood bath! I have to admit that I was kinda biased by assisting the humans using some of my Super WorldBox-given powers. Haha!

Animals, Creatures, and Monsters

On top of the four races, you can also spawn dozens of species of creatures, from tiny rabbits to mythical dragons to braindead zombies in your world. This offers a diversity that adds color to the game. You can place livestock near civilizations to increase their food resources and add villainous groups like bandits, wolves, and bears for them to hunt and gather experience. If you want to go all-out crazy, you can even bring trees and houses to life. It was amusing to see Santa Claus ride over an Orc village too! I don’t want to spoil everything but trust me, the possibilities are endless!

Natures and Disasters

Now, this is where the fun starts to begin. I know you want to play the good guy, but a good ruler has to be harsh sometimes. Your civilizations need to realize that life is not perfect and that there’s a ton of challenges to overcome. Send natural disasters their way. Whip up a tornado, conjure lightning storms, cause earthquakes, intense blizzards, and make volcanos explode. It’s fascinating how each race deals with these catastrophes, and it is even more exciting to watch them get back on their feet.

Destruction Powers

Tired of your current world and want to wreak havoc on the entire map? This tab is for you. It’s personally my favorite. You can start slow with planting landmines and TNTs anywhere on the map. Watch as buildings, trees, and people get destroyed. But if you want to go full haywire, you’ve got more sinister options in your arsenal. Obliterate pixels with the anti-matter bomb. Punch a massive hole in the map using the Tsar Bomba. Wreak havoc by dropping meteorites. If you’re going to tear down your world, at least let it go with a bang!

My Final Verdict

Super Worldbox is pretty fun overall. It’s a beautiful mix of colorful pixels, chaotic skirmishes, charming creatures, adorable sprites, and incredible superpowers. I say it’s one of the best god games in the market. I think it’ll even be more fun for creative people. So if you have a wild imagination, I can only imagine the number of details for the world you’ll come up with. If there’s one thing I could add to this game, though, I guess it would be a campaign option. Crafting worlds and destroying them can get repetitive and boring. It would be nice if there are some objectives that I need to complete, like save the world from an upcoming disaster (like a meteor strike!) or reach a certain number of successful civilizations. Other than that, this game is the perfect pastime whenever you want to chill out – Totally worth your money.

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 by james in August 29, 2021

So happy worldbox got featured here, love the game

 by RJ Go in August 29, 2021

Thanks! Yes, the gameplay is really fun and love the different units you can add! waiting for more updates :)

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