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Ranked down again? That’s tough – staying up late only to fail your promos or lose mastery points. If you’re tired of hearing the word ‘defeat,’ it’s about time you take your game to the next level.

Although maining a hero is cool and all, it might not be the best for every situation. Sometimes, you have to follow the meta to win. That being said, here are the top-rated WR champs you can abuse to climb up the ranks in no time.

Baron Laners (Bruisers)

The Baron lane is best taken when playing solo. You get to farm at your own pace without having to rely too much on your teammate’s ganks. Since not all champs are created equal, make sure you choose either of these guys.



Many people shy away from using Garen, thinking he’s a simple hero with a basic kit. While that is true, his skills are excellent for clearing minion waves and harassing your lane matchup. His ultimate proves useful in securing kills. Additionally, his damage soaking capability makes him a valuable asset for the team in late-game fights.



Camille has always been a fave baron pick in LOL PC. So it’s not a surprise that she’s a solid laner in Wild Rift. Her passive deals bonus damage and provides movespeed, making her a bully to anyone she goes up against. You can play her as a core and pick off squishy enemies. Once you get to master her quit, it won’t be long till you reach the next tier.



Seriously, Singed is way underrated in Wild Rift. His lack of utility brushes people off from using him. However, once you understand his kit more, you’ll soon realize how valuable he is. Aside from being super tanky, he can sling squishy enemies to the heart of a fight or throw assassins away from your marksman.


Similar to Baron laners, playing jungle gives you the power to dish out tons of damage. However, you should keep in mind that this role requires more strategy, ganks, and decision-making on your part. Here are the best junglers that can give an easy win:

Lee Sin


Since his release, the Blind Monk has always been the face of IQ and outplays. Learning his kit won’t be easy, and mastering it will be even tougher. But trust me, it’ll be worth it in the end. You can carry a game with Lee Sin by assassinating enemy ADCs and supports, isolating tanks, or even stealing objectives thanks to his high mobility skills.

Master Yi


Master Yi may not be as complicated as Lee Sin, yet he’s just as deadly. His kit is pretty straightforward, providing fast jungle clears early and crazy damage later on in the game. He can even solo the Baron with some lifesteal. So don’t miss the chance to lock on Yi as everyone in the draft would be dying to pick him.



Thanks to her fire kit that burns enemies, Shyvana can clear the jungle extremely fast. You can play her as a magic burst damage dealer with ranged fireballs or a tanky bruiser that augments her attacks with fire. Either way, Shyvana is great for ganking as long as your team has enough crowd control for her to deal damage.

Mid Laners

Welcome to 80% of the WR player base’s favorite role! Why? Because playing mid gives you a sense of authority and control. If given the opportunity to go mid, don’t think twice about locking on these champions.



Akali defines the true essence of being an assassin. Equipped with a stealthy kit and insane burst kunais, she’s a monster at wiping enemy ADCs off the map. Like Lee Sin, she can be mechanically difficult, but the reward of mastering her is pretty high. If Akali is overpowered even in tournaments, then there’s no reason you can’t dominate with her in rank.



Don’t mistake Fizz’s cute appearance for weakness. This amphibious yordle is a monster in mid-lane. He can easily secure last hits with the bonus damage from his second skill, and his ultimate is perfect for snapping squishies in the backline. On top of that, his third skill works best both for escaping and chasing.



Looking to make awesome plays and breathtaking wombo-combos? Then Orianna is your go-to champ. No matter the tier, her insane crowd-control, and poking abilities will make her viable in ranking up. Make sure to ask your teammates to pick AOE champs that complement her ult, such as Malphite, Seraphine, or Ezreal.

ADCs (Marksmen)

If you like to farm and build your core items before heading to a fight, maining ADC champs will benefit your rank a lot. Playing as a marksman lets you determine the outcome of the late game. Knowing this, below are the best champs you should use.



No amount of nerf can kick Ezreal off the meta. He’s always been a top-tier pick with high mobility, strong basic attack, and global-ranged ultimate. Mastering him shouldn’t be hard. Just make sure to position yourself when engaging in skirmishes.



A couple of patches may have weakened Vayne to the point that she’s not a priority pick anymore. However, this doesn’t change the fact that her kit remains one of the most utility-oriented among ADCs. Use her knockback, stun, and invisibility skills to own your lane and transition comfortably into the late game.

Tank / Support

Face it. You won’t get the first pick all the time. And more often than not, you’ll be forced to play support if you’re the last pick. It’s even more challenging to climb the ranks as a support main. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t. A good support plays a huge role in keeping your cores alive and securing the win.

Here are some of the best tank or supports you can main:



Lulu is one of the most consistent, if not the best, dragon lane support. She’s fantastic at harassing the enemy lane’s carry with debuffs while granting her allies with shield protection. During a team fight, she can dish out decent crowd control and magic damage. Overall, Lulu is a champ every ADC needs to scale dominantly to late game.



Rigged with simple yet useful abilities, Alistar is loved by newbies and pros alike. His capability to soak damage and knock somebody into or out of a fight can quickly turn the tide of battle in your team’s favor. As tanky as he is, his ultimate makes him even tankier and purges any crowd control. If you want to climb the ranks as a tank, don’t hesitate to spam Alistar.



Champions with a hooking ability have always been a popular pick in MOBAs. That being said, Blitz’s hook is so overpowered that he’s been nerfed plenty since his release to Wild Rift. There’s nothing else pretty special with him aside from the fact that he can pull an enemy and watch as your teammates beat the pulp out of that guy. This can be pretty tilting and game-changing. Victory secured.

Wrapping Things Up

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to MOBAs. Follow the meta but don’t let it dictate you. If you’re already good with a certain hero, grab the opportunity to master another one.

Lastly, the best way to get better is to play. Just keep playing, win or lose. It won’t be long till your mechanics and game sense will improve, together with your rank.

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