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In any sport, coaching is an essential factor in helping athletes achieve success. Esports is no exception, and good coaching can be the key to winning huge championships.

But first, what exactly is Esports? Well, the term “Esports” refers to professional competitive video gaming, a form of electronic sports where participants compete in multiplayer games and matches on a local, national or international level. Players can be awarded trophies and even vast amounts of money from this!

Many players want to get better by learning new strategies and skills from pro players, while some want to improve their play by working hard on practicing certain aspects of their game, such as macro play, map movement, etc. Because of these factors, esports coaching was eventually born.

Esports, a Decade in The Making 

Esports is not something that just started yesterday, ten years ago: gamers were playing against each other online without the help of a coach. Times have changed now; since the Esports world is growing, more and more people want to improve themselves or their team by having professional coaches teaching better play.

Esports is very complex, with many aspects that need to be mastered. A good coach can help players focus on the most critical areas and improve their gameplay, and coaches can also help players develop teamwork skills and communicative strategies.

These coaches are mostly former competitive players with significant experience in scrims(playing matches) against other teams. Since they know the game inside out, they can quickly point out mistakes made by their students. They can help them improve their gameplay by giving advice, such as map movement, rotations, properly trading resources, which items you should purchase at certain stages of the game, etc.

Esports coaches work on your mechanics and teach you to become a good teammate. Many top teams have coaches who work with the players full time, allowing the coaches to understand the team’s strengths and weaknesses giving the team the best chance of winning.

But, Is It Worth It?

Since this job is not anything new, there can be many arguments about whether it’s valid or not. Some say that players need to play more and get into the flow of things instead of having someone telling them what to do. Some people think that coaching only takes time away from practice if you’re playing against other teams and your coach can’t give you any advice during the match.

But when we look at everything from another perspective, Esports coaching can help grow the scene by improving players who want to learn how to become better or even join a team. In my opinion, I’m in favor of esports coaching because, in every sport where you have coaches, there are always improvements made over time. At this current moment, the Esports scene could use some more professionalism. 

Every day more and more people realize that they can make money playing video games competitively – by competing at various leagues and tournaments. But would you like some help if you want to become an Esports pro? Then don’t underestimate Esports coaches or your coach.

“How does that work? Why do I need a coach? Esports is more of an individual sport, right?” Well, not quite. While the professional competitive scene was historically centered around one vs. one or two vs. two formats, many modern titles are team-based and rely on coordinated teamwork – even if they’re still played 1-on-1.

Coaching can be helpful for players who want to start in the Esports world and those who have been playing a while and need some help with pushing their limits further or finding new ways to improve their gameplay. Coaching can be a beneficial tool for Esports players, and it is something that should not be overlooked when trying to achieve success in this competitive field. With the right coaching, players can improve their skills and become champions.

How Can Gaming Coaches Help?

Coaches in Esports can help you with several different things depending on their area of expertise. They might help you develop your skills as a player or work on your team’s strategy and tactics. They might also help you manage your career and advise you on how to stay healthy and focused while playing competitively.

Some coaches are also experts in mental health and can help you deal with the stress of competition. They can teach you meditation techniques, breathing exercises, and other methods to keep your mind calm and focused during high-pressure situations.

If you’re looking for help improving your game, finding a good Esports coach is a great place to start. They can help you take your skills to the next level and take your game to the next level.

How can I find a good Esports coach? 

You can find a coach by looking for local teams and reaching out about coaching opportunities or just posting online that you’re looking for a coach and what kind of help you want.

Can’t find one near you? Many coaches work with players remotely, so don’t give up hope if there’s not an Esports coach where you live. For example, WeCoach is an online Esports coaching platform where many top-notch (ex)professional and competitive players provide the most helpful advice if you’re interested in getting better or going pro.

Coaches typically charge an hourly rate depending on their level of expertise and how often they work with you. The best coaches might be more expensive than other kinds of personal training, however, it’s still cheaper than getting private lessons from a tennis or golf pro at your local. Plus, this is an investment in your future as an Esports athlete!

Do you think that esports coaching is necessary? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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