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In the last 20 years, esports has become a phenomenon and in 2023, there are millions of esports fans all over the world, while the best esports players are globally famous. Esports has its own dedicated media ecosystem, complete with broadcasting, news sites and esports bookmakers, with the best of them represented at Legalbet, a service which studies and analyses bookmakers.

It is only natural for gaming enthusiasts to entertain the idea of pursuing a career as an esports player. Yet, it is crucial to recognize the formidable hurdles and challenges that await on this journey. This path is not a straightforward one, but rather a rigorous and demanding road that requires continuous learning.

Choose your Game

Choosing a game to specialise in as an aspiring top esports player is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration.  You have to acknowledge that the esports industry is highly competitive, and attempting to excel in multiple games simultaneously is a recipe for failure! So, which game and category should you focus on?


MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, exemplified by League of Legends and Dota 2, have reigned supreme in the world of esports. These team-based games demand a deep understanding of the intricate rules, lightning-fast reactions, and effective teamwork.


On the other hand, FPS (first-person shooters) also thrive as team events, with CS:GO being a shining example. FPS games necessitate lightning-quick reflexes and sharp tactical acumen to outmanoeuvre opponents.


For those inclined towards solo play, CCG (collectible card games) like Hearthstone or MAGIC offer a different avenue. Instead of relying on swift reactions, these games emphasise card knowledge and strategic decision-making.


There are several other types of esport game to consider, including sports games, racing titles, Real Time Strategy (RTS) and fighting games.  Ultimately, the game and category you choose to specialise in will depend on your personal preferences, strengths, and the level of competition you aspire to reach. Dedication, practice, and a deep understanding of the chosen game will be key in your journey to becoming a top esports player.


Dedicated practice is the cornerstone of success in the competitive realm of esports. To truly excel and stand among the elite players worldwide, one must commit to honing their skills through relentless practice. Prepare yourself for countless hours of gameplay each day, and allocate additional time to observe and learn from other players or study the most effective strategies and techniques. This unwavering dedication is the key to unlocking your potential and achieving success in the esports arena.


Networking becomes crucial once you have achieved a high level of skill in your chosen game and consistently outperform casual players. Engage with online communities and esports groups, actively participate in training camps and events, and seize every opportunity to expand your network. Building connections within the esports community is invaluable for your future endeavours. By immersing yourself in all aspects of esports, from grassroots to professional levels, you demonstrate your dedication and seriousness towards your esports aspirations while establishing meaningful relationships.


Tournaments serve as the next stage in your journey. Embrace the challenge by entering as many tournaments as possible, as consistent victories will attract attention and recognition. The next stage is to enter as many tournaments as you can. Ultimately, winning tournaments consistently will get you noticed. The beauty of esports is that in theory, it is possible for a player to go from casual to professional, simply by entering and winning tournaments.

These tournaments can be hosted within the game’s ecosystem or external events that may require qualification or entry fees. At this stage, you will face increasingly formidable opponents, making it more challenging to secure victories.  This is where you need the final element in the esports package.


You’re going to lose a lot on your way up the ladder. You will continue to lose even when everyone thinks you are a top player. The very best players also lose a lot of the time. Defeat is part of competitive sports at any level. If you want to be a top esports player, than you have to be able to handle defeat, to become stronger through it and to learn lessons from it, without being deterred.


Let’s be realistic: achieving success as a top-tier esports player is undeniably challenging. It demands unwavering dedication, countless hours of deliberate practice, and a dose of fortuitous circumstances. The road is riddled with the common hurdle of burnout, and often, the prime years for excelling in esports fall within one’s early twenties. However, if you possess the willingness to put in the necessary effort, transitioning from a casual gamer to a professional esports player is within reach.

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