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Esports, or electronic sports, is a rapidly growing industry that involves competitive video gaming. Though not everyone can partake in these high-level tournaments, many people are invested in the scene as a viewer. In contrast, businesses and organizations pinch in as teams or sponsors. With more and more money being involved in the industry, more opportunities to make money arise. Due to the growth of esports, it is entirely normal for someone who has no prior knowledge of esports to want to get in on it. With that being said, here are some ways to make money in the industry with minimal esports experience.

Video Editing

Video editing is a skill that can be used in the public space, and video editors can easily apply video editing skills to esports videos. Effects such as transitions, zooming in, and adding images or gifs, are general effects that esports videos will also need. That is why any average video editor can quickly hop in with esports.

With the growth of the esports industry, more and more people are looking to create videos about gaming. An increase in gaming videos allows for a higher demand for video editors, making video editing jobs in esports more accessible than ever to get. Streamers and professional teams are also starting to upload content to YouTube, which will require video editing. If video editors are unfamiliar with games, they could always edit esports vlog content, which is also on the rise in recent times.

Graphic Design

Since esports involves online games, enthusiasts can watch all the matches and streams through devices such as mobile phones and computers. Everything happening online makes social media a platform that is the perfect choice for players and organizations to market and interact with their fans. Professional teams use graphic design to appeal to their audience during roster changes, match schedules, or announcements to stand out from their competitors.

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Teams investing in social media make graphic design a job that is rising in demand. Making graphic designs for teams is also a job that can quickly be done by designers who are unfamiliar with esports and games. It is an easy transition as the same concepts in typical graphic designs will also be applied to esports designs.

Joining Organizations for PR or Marketing

Esports organizations aim to be like traditional businesses as well. Not only are they selling their players to be the face of their brand, but teams are also beginning to produce tangible goods such as merchandise. Teams looking to sell their merchandise to consumers will need standard PR, design, and marketing teams.

Though the target audience may be somewhat different from traditional businesses, talented individuals in the required fields can still get the job done with minimal knowledge about gaming. Advertising and sales will still follow similar procedures that regular businesses go through.

Esports Betting

Placing esports bets can be a way for some individuals to make money. Even though you should have some prior knowledge to be confident with your esports bet, it is still possible for players with no knowledge to earn a lot of money through betting on esports. 

There are multiple websites and resources that people can use to help them with their esports gambling. Bettors can look at a list of updated team rankings to know which teams are currently the best since no gaming knowledge is required to understand ranking systems. It still may not be a good idea to risk money on something you have zero understanding of, but bettors can go to Tips.GG to visit tutorials on how they can make money from betting and minimize losses. People can also see match pages and read the comment section, as players who understand and play the game usually have discussions that can help you decide your esports bet. Betting on low odds can also be a good option since teams with low odds are always the favorites of the match and have a low chance of losing.

Working at Events

The glorious part about esports and why we all love it is the events held in an arena. Esports fans from different parts of the world can gather at one venue to watch the best players in the world compete against each other. Everyone can start cheering and have a great time meeting fellow esports fans. Human resources are required to make sure these events run smoothly, which opens up job opportunities.

Like any typical event, multiple job roles are needed, whereas people who apply for these jobs don’t require any esports experience. An excellent example of a job at an event is taking part in the production crew. Holding up cameras, working on technical and audio issues, etc., are all things that the average person in the field can do. Due to this, working at events can be a great choice of work, even if you have no experience in gaming.


In conclusion, with the rapid growth of esports, the industry is starting to expand just like any standard business industry would. Industrializing esports means that expected trends and jobs will also require graphic design, video editing, sporting events, and tangible goods. These have started to get popular since these can be considered usual ways to ramp up an industry. These available jobs help people get involved in the industry they love and give opportunities to people who have just started to join the scene with zero experience.

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