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Tomek Kamiński or more known as Bonyth is StaCraft player hailing from Poland. Dominating the Non-Korean scene for a few years now has earned him multiple medals including the RCG 2019 where he bested his archnemesis TerrOr from Peru where he took over $4,000 USD of price money.

While keeping a work-life-play balance and haven’t been playing as much as before, Bonyth still managed to come victorious recently against Dewalt who is also a top-tier StarCraft player.

To thank the fans for the continuous support we prepared a small interview:

How are you?

hmm, I’m good in general, busy however, doing the triple job at a regular job, parenting job, and being a starcraft player

That’s a lot! as a dad, I admire the hustle! How do you keep the balance between work, family, and starcraft?

Family comes first, but from time to time I will take a day just for gaming purposes. Other than that, sometimes I put additional time into StarCraft at the expense of sleep

Do you play any other games besides StarCraft? I noticed you haven’t been streaming as much as before?

You got me here. Yes, I play League of Legends with my friends (from real life). This also helps to not overdose StarCraft to the point where u can hardly look at it.

There is also a matter of off-season in StarCraft where currently we are awaiting bigger tournaments such as BSL or RCG.

All in all, I try to stream every second or the third day, but sometimes when there is a special event to prepare for or I feel simply bad or tired, I skip a streaming day.

Yeah, we all need to relax sometimes 🙂. Speaking of big tournaments, how do you prepare before a big match? Is it something that we are already aware of on your stream or do you practice off-stream?

if there is a certain match-up or certain map pool I need to practice, I will search for a sparring partner and do some rounds. I will also try to not stream the same day or the day before to not get my body exhausted before the big day.

Then there is a diet on the day of a tournament. I avoid eating heavy meals, I will warm up while also leaving myself some time to clear my mind and rest a little before the match.

Those are some useful tips for any gamer! Being a 20-year old+ game, how do you see StarCraft Broodwar in another 5 years?

Now, this is a question where you may want to hire a prophet. I see it in a similar position to what it is now: self-sustaining community, not too big, not too small with bigger and lesser tournaments every now and then.

However, there is a matter of technology. I am looking forward to Elon Musk’s Starlink program and ShieldBattery. These two may help to reduce the latency to South Korea (which is a homeworld of StarCraft). If we could get to that point, there could be another world for foreigners to see, including participation in their events or even simpler things such as a great many opponents at the ladder. Something to really look forward to

I thought you were a prophet 😃. But yeah interesting perspective a combined community of South Korean and “Foreigners” would bring new opportunities. In your opinion is the gap between Koreans and foreigners is as vast as before?

Difficult question. On one side, it feels like we are closer now than before with the access to progamers daily streams (first-person view, not just a replay!).

On the other side, the starcraft knowledge is very deep and even though we may think that our knowledge has vastly expanded, there is a lot of tiny pieces of information that progamers possess and we don’t. They have played the game for like 20 years 8 hours daily on average, there has gotta be an insight difference in the game knowledge.

I could also talk about mirror matchups, which are much easier to understand, and in these, we, non-Koreans, stand a much better chance to snipe some games.

Now to answer the question: yes, I think the gap has gotten smaller.

I agree that little information whether on the timings, gas pulls, worker counts cuts, or decision making makes all the difference.

This is going to be exciting for everyone and yes technology is a vital part and I think outside of the programers right now a 2250 Korean Protoss is the same as a 2250 Foreigner Protoss in terms of raw skill and game understanding.

Speaking of Protoss, what is your opinion on Artosis being critical on his stream that Protoss is the “easiest race“.

I have a graph ready to answer this question:

Protoss, Terran, and Zerg Graph

I think it is true. If you took 3 players, 3 brothers born on the same day, have them play different races, after 1 year of playing Protoss user could have a dominant win rate.

However, with time, the other races would be getting more and more of an upper hand, ultimately leaving Protoss brother in the 3rd place. You could say that there is no easy race to play, there is only a matter of your ability to learn and improve and time

Great answer and I couldn’t agree more. Protoss seems easier but Terran and Zerg have more tools in my opinion. Anyway, I won’t hold you for so long and thanks for this wonderful and insightful interview. Do you have anything to say to your fans and sponsor(s)?

Yes, I want to thank all my fans for their support. It is much easier to root for an underdog, so big thanks for the support.
I want to give a shoutout to for more direct and financial support. If you want to support me indirectly, is the link you want to visit.

En taro Adun, executors! Each month, each year, I will take my Protoss to higher and higher standards.

SOme info about bonyth

AGE30 years old
Location of BirthPoland, Lublin
Favorite TeamsMB – Maximus Brood – for being the first clan
NrT – Neo Roxor Team – not sure exactly why, but strong nostalgia
R8 – first Polish-only team
SouL – current team, very capable team leader

Bonyth’s pc SPecs and Gaming gear

Memory – 16GB (8×2)Corsair vengeance 16gbCHECK IT ON AMAZON
Storage – Samsung SSD 860 EVOSamsung SSD 860 EVOCHECK IT ON AMAZON
Processor – Intel i5-9600Intel i5-9600CHECK IT ON AMAZON
MOBO – ASRock Z370 Pro4ASRock Motherboard (Z390 PRO4)CHECK IT ON AMAZON
Mouse – logitech G402; 1840 DPIlogitech G402CHECK IT ON AMAZON
KB – Razer Ornata ChromaRazer Ornata V2 Gaming KeyboardCHECK IT ON AMAZON
Monitor – HP 24ea 1920×1080 60HzHP 24ea IPS DisplayCHECK IT ON AMAZON

Follow Bonyth on his Twitch Channel and if you want to suggest to feature another Non-Korean StarCraft player comment below!

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