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The eSports industry has come a long way in the past decade and will most likely become a part of the Olympics one day. Casinos and bookies did a great job including games in their daily offers because they have a new community that will bet on their platform. Many legit websites support eSports, but others are not properly regulated.

This is why you should always research the website you will play on before making a deposit. You may have a lot of Vegas NFL odds, but in the gaming industry, you will mostly bet only on who will win. They are working on having more odds available, but it’s a big investment, so it may take some time.

It’s legit in most countries worldwide, so you can probably support your favorite team. But you need to do the same research as for the NFL or any other league if you want to make money.

Is It Different From Sports Betting?

There aren’t too many differences between esports and NFL lines, but there are fewer options because it’s relatively new. From the first global tournament in games like LoL or CS: GO, you could find a website where you can make a wager on your favorite team. But, everything is being regulated now, and much more money is involved.

Because every game you can bet on is different in the playstyle, it’s hard to make odds for so many things that can happen in the match. For example, you could say that a player in CS: GO will reach a certain number of kills. This would be similar to the point lines you have in basketball.

Only Major Leagues

Besides having fewer odds that you can play on, there are also fewer options for tournaments and leagues. There are hundreds of leagues on every bookie from every nation in soccer. This is a great thing for the soccer fans, but in League of Legends, you probably won’t have your national league.

Only the LCS, LCK, and other major leagues in LoL will be added, and some tournaments like the championship. But, this shouldn’t discourage you because there is always something to watch during the year. It’s organized like any other sport; you will only have a small number of games played during the week.

Can You Make a Profit?

If you compare it with NFL odds, your chances might be better with esports because it’s much easier to figure out who will win. There aren’t many surprises in gaming, even if the top teams tend to lose a couple of games during the season.

Some very competitive leagues are hard to predict, but you could make a good decision with the right information. Everything that happens in the eSports world is documented, and you can easily find information about the changes. 

Just do a quick internet search and walla, the complete history of eSports gaming will be at your fingertips. Since eSports is still relatively new, the history isn’t hard to search through to know all the facts you need to know to bet on it. 

The odds might not be so great for the favorites, but you can play many games to increase the odds. A great option is also to play on the underdog because the odds are great on them, and they will probably get at least a single win during the season.

Where Can You Do It?

Many online websites support betting on games, but you need to be careful when choosing a platform. It would be best if they were regulated, but even the biggest companies won’t have every game available.

Besides bookies and casinos, there are websites that specialize in esports betting. Some of them work only with crypto, and others accept fiat currency, so you will have multiple payment options. The way the website also looks matters because popular betting websites will work on the user interface and experience.

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