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Ireland is famous for so many different things. People from all over the world travelled to see its rich culture, it’s beautiful scenery, and so much more. What you may not know is that it is home to a burgeoning eSports scene. Ireland has already become a tech destination as well, so will eSports become another string in the country’s bow?

Ireland And Tech

You may not consider Ireland to be the biggest tech destination in the world, but there is serious interest in the country from several different sectors. For example, the country is already an excellent destination for travel tech. There are many different travel tech companies, that have their headquarters based in Ireland, such as Google, Lonely Planet, and TripAdvisor.

US tech companies in particular have a real interest in working with Irish tech companies. It very much helps that the country has membership with the European Union, as well as a low corporate tax rate and good market access.

This is just scraping the surface of islands and its tech capabilities. Ireland has become a tech destination for good reason, and people all over the world are seeing what is possible here.

The Growth Of Irish eSports

Like with the rest of the world, eSports have slowly becoming one of the most popular sports available right now. Just like any regular sport, anybody can get into them by playing the games that are most commonly played in eSports matches. That gives anyone a chance at becoming a well-known eSports name, and creating a career in the world of sports.

Unlock a lot of other sports, the introduction of lockdowns during the pandemic in 2020 actually helped increase the popularity of eSports. This is thanks to the ability to play games online, without having to be in the same room as your team members or opposition. As well as this, it was incredibly easy to stream games online thanks to already available streaming technology and websites, such as Twitch.

With other sports locked off to those in lockdown, and the sudden amounts of free time many people had, many were able to discover eSports for the first time. That created many new potential eSports stars, as well as a whole slew of eSports fans.

Irish Betting And eSports

When discussing any sport in Ireland, you have to consider its impact on betting. Irish culture has long been entwined with betting culture, thanks to the country’s history in horse breeding and racing.  These days, you will see betting is still important in any sport in Ireland, especially with the rise of online betting.

As the rise of eSports in Ireland has happened, so has the rise in eSports betting. With more and more betting sites like offering markets in the sport, it allows fans to bet on the outcomes of these matches, and get more involved in their favourite sports. It has also helped to increase the profits of the betting markets, so eSports betting is very much here to stay.

Irish Universities And eSports

With the embracing of esports by Irish universities, this as also helped to further the reach of esports within the country. There are several universities across the country who have implemented esports groups, or facilitated students who have created their own groups to further their interest in the sport. T

For example, you will see that Ulster University has created their esports group, allowing students from all three of their campuses to take part in the sport. Queens eSports came about as an offshoot of their gaming and anime group. At Belfast Met, they have funded the first eSports degree in Northern Ireland. 

This support from Irish universities is so important, because it shows that these institutions recognize the importance of the sport, just like other sports they offer students. It also allows Ireland to become one of the forces to be reckoned with in the eSports world. With students being supported in their journeys as eSports players, they can easily compete with some of the best out there.

Will eSports Put Ireland On The Map?

Now that you’ve seen the impact that esports has had on Ireland as a whole, can we see the country becoming an esports destination, much like it has done for tech?

There is certainly interests from many investors who are looking to bring eSports into the mainstream. With many investors looking to create eSports academies in the country, we can expect to see more and more people becoming involved in the sport.

So if you are interested in eSports, whether you want to play them or simply watch and enjoy them, then Ireland is the place to watch. Players in the country have already shown they are ready to move with the times, and bring a new and exciting sporting experience to people worldwide.

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