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Valorant has been out for over two years, so the game is familiar now. Now that the way to play Valorant has been figured out, we can easily see some standout players who have made it to the top of the player base without fluking their way there. Here are the top five professional Valorant players with the best stats. 

To make this list more accurate, we will only be statistics from professional Valorant Champions Tour 2022 matches against top-tier teams, so the statistics on the list will only consist of top-tier players playing against other top-tier players.


The highest-rated player of the VCT 2022 season is the Singaporean superstar Jing Jie “Jinggg” Wang, who is playing for Paper Rex. 

Here are his statistics below:

Number of Rounds Played366
Average Combat Score260.6
Kill/Death Ratio1.13
Average Damage Per Round166.4

Jinggg is a 19-year-old player who joined Paper Rex at the start of the 2022 season, replacing Zhang Teng “shiba” Toh. With Paper Rex already being one of the best rosters in the Southeast Asian region, people were curious to see how Jinggg would improve the team and make them a world-class contender.

With the addition of Jinggg to the Paper Rex roster, the Southeast Asian team quickly showed drastic improvements and finished third place in VCT Masters: Reykjavik. Jinggg and the roster continued to improve and finished second place in VCT Masters: Copenhagen, falling short to FunPlus Phoenix in the Grand Final.

Jinggg’s main agents in the professional scene include Raze, Reyna, and KAY/O


Emir “Alfajer” Beder, 17 years of age, is the youngest player on this top-five list. The young Turkish talent is currently playing under Fnatic. 

Here are his statistics below:

Number of Rounds Played642
Average Combat Score257
Kill/Death Ratio1.28
Average Damage Per Round168.4

Alfajer has stirred up the entire Valorant community due to the skills he displayed when playing in public games. It didn’t take long for a top-tier team like Fnatic to scout and take him into the team. 

Some fans were worried about how he would do against top-tier teams, but it turns out that Alfajer can still display his impeccable skills in Valorant matches against the world’s best teams and players. He’s already accomplished so much at 17 and has a bright future ahead of him! Betting sites that offer Valorant are definitely keeping an eye on him.

Alfajer’s main agents in the professional scene include Raze, Killjoy, and Sage.


Next on the list is another member from Fnatic, Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev. Unlike Alfajer, Derke has been on the Fnatic roster for a long time.

Here are his statistics below:

Number of Rounds Played807
Average Combat Score249.9
Kill/Death Ratio1.28
Average Damage Per Round163.7

Derke has been on the Fnatic roster since the beginning and is known to be Fnatic’s star player. Derke was previously known for his time in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where he mainly played the AWP role. 

Due to his AWPing history in CS:GO, Derke easily transitioned to the Operator in Valorant, and he now plays the primary sniper role in the Fnatic roster. He quickly became one of the scariest Jett players in the European region.

Derke’s main agents in the professional scene include Jett, Raze, and Chamber.


Up next on the list is a player who needs no introduction. The “El Diablo” himself, Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker, joins the list. 

Here are his statistics below:

Number of Rounds Played1090
Average Combat Score246.6
Kill/Death Ratio1.33
Average Damage Per Round157.4

Like other professional Valorant players, yay had started his gaming career in CS:GO, but couldn’t achieve amazing results in his time. With his CS:GO career slowly ending, he immediately took the chance and gave Valorant a shot.

He quickly became one of the most feared aimers in the entire game. Jaccob was able to show the whole world and Valorant betting sites what he was capable of when he joined OpTic Gaming. After joining OpTic, yay immediately became a household name in the Valorant community due to his fantastic crosshair placement and aim.

yay’s main agents in the professional scene include Chamber and Jett.


Last but not least, we have the “Headshot Machine” Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom.

 Here are his statistics below:

Number of Rounds Played439
Average Combat Score246.5
Kill/Death Ratio1.18
Average Damage Per Round165.3

Unlike the other players on the list, ScreaM is the only one with an incredibly successful Counter-Strike: Global Offensive career. He was renowned as the “One Tap Machine,” as he always hit crispy shots with a single bullet.

His insane accuracy transitioned well into Valorant, where he quickly joined a world-class team like Team Liquid. He brought his years of competitive experience to lead Team Liquid into becoming a fierce competitor and alerted many Valorant betting sites.

ScreaM is known to be very versatile regarding agents, but agents such as Reyna, Raze, and Neon are his highlight agents.


Remember that these statistics only come from top-tier tournaments, as we didn’t want the list to have inflated statistics from playing against lower-tier teams. We wanted to ensure that all of these statistics came from playing against the best teams in the world. However, we can expect more young, talented players to prove themselves in the upcoming year!

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