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Why is Valorant a severe competitor for CSGO?

The debate between Valorant and CSGO has been going on for a long time. Let’s uncover why Valorant can surpass CSGO.

Valorant is the newest FPS game released by Riot Games. It has been booming in popularity over the past year, with millions of players playing it daily. With the game’s increasing exposure, many people have started comparing Valorant to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as these two games are currently the most popular FPS games. Let’s check out why Valorant may surpass Valve’s giant game CSGO in the future.

Different Agents Make the Game Engaging

The most notable difference between CSGO and Valorant is that Valorant has a pool of agents that have different roles and abilities. The eighteen agents in Valorant make the game extremely fun, as it creates diversity in team compositions every Valorant match. 

Each agent will have unique skills and abilities, so Valorant players won’t only need to focus on aim but can also learn how to use their selected agents to their fullest potential. Mastering different agents will make players less bored, as there are always new roles and agents they can try out.

Watching professional Valorant matches can also be very thrilling. The professional players have planned out team compositions on different maps, allowing for more diverse Valorant betting as other agents excel on different maps. It is fascinating to see the different agent compositions that professionals use, so casual players can learn which agents are good on each map. Overall, the Valorant agents make Valorant betting much more enticing, as more and more people are playing on sites for betting on Valorant. Agents make matches in Valorant events much more entertaining to watch compared to CSGO.

Unique Map Mechanics

Though both CSGO and Valorant have competitive map pools, Valorant’s map pool is undoubtedly more interesting than CSGO’s map pool, as each map has its own unique mechanic that can shift Valorant odds. 

For example, Icebox has zip lines that players can use for outplaying their opponents with elevation and repositioning. On Haven, there are three bomb sites instead of the usual two, creating lots of fast-paced action. The map Bind has teleporters that can help both teams rotate quickly. Ascent has activatable doors that players can break, where the doors can act as temporary walls to delay the opponents.

All of these distinguished elements between all the Valorant maps force players to be able to adapt to different situations and mechanics. Valorant players will need different play styles and strategies when playing on the various maps, making the game more exciting.

Different Types of Utility

As we already know, each Valorant agent brings a different pool of abilities into the game. With agents being introduced, new types of utility that CSGO does not offer are brought into play. 

Recon abilities such as Sova’s Recon Bolt and Fade’s Haunt make camping in corners very punishable. Skye’s Trailblazer and Fade’s Prowler are summonable units that can help players gain information on the enemy’s locations. Killjoy’s Alarm Bot and Chamber’s Trademark make it difficult for enemies to flank their team. These abilities force players to think outside the box and encourage creativity, making Valorant players more innovative.

In CSGO, aim is essential, but not everyone has the talent and precision always to land headshots. In Valorant, players who are weak in aiming can use their abilities and utility to help them outplay their opponents and get kills. Doing this will help a broader player base enjoy the game, so casual players can also get into Valorant.

Skins Are More Accessible in Valorant

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity that both CSGO and Valorant receive is the weapon skins, where Valorant is doing a better job. Though skins in Valorant are untradable, Riot has used a couple of factors that make their skins better than CSGO’s.

First off, the skins in Valorant are cheaper. Counter-Strike knives can cost you hundreds of dollars, and good condition and skin aren’t even guaranteed at that price point. Valorant knives won’t cost you more than 50 USD, making good Valorant skins very accessible at their lower prices. Riot also offers discounts when players buy skin bundles, making the skins even cheaper if bought in bulk.

It’s also important to note that Valorant skins will all come out in “Factory New.” No condition and wear system forces players to pay extra money to have their skins come in without any scars on it.

Finally, Riot releases new Valorant skin bundles every two to three weeks. Though CSGO has an excellent lineup of skins, it can be pretty boring to wait months for new skins to drop, so Valorant is doing a better job releasing fresh skins into the market

Anti-Cheat, Good Communication, and Frequent Updates

Finally, not even CSGO fans can argue that Riot Games tend to their community faster and better than Valve. 

Riot’s Anti-Cheat system Vanguard works, unlike CSGO’s scuffed Valve Anti-Cheat system barely works. A massive problem in CSGO is that there are cheaters every other match you play, compared to Valorant, where cheaters are practically non-existent. 

Riot also does an excellent job with the players and staff’s communication flow. The Valorant support crew provides hasty replies to any problem, and the reporting system in Valorant is taken care of really well. Toxic players in Valorant get banned more frequently than CSGO, making the Valorant community a safe and friendly place.

Finally, even excluding skins updates, Valorant is constantly improving their game and keeping players playing by sending out frequent gameplay updates and patches. You’d have to wait half a year to have a CSGO patch, but you’ll only have to wait a couple of months for a Valorant one. Riot Games and Valorant do a better job keeping the player base happy.


In conclusion, Valorant offers players a new FPS experience, as they have added agents and unique map elements into the game. Team compositions, which players cannot find in CSGO, make the Valorant esports scene very entertaining. Riot Games also does better at keeping the community engaged, as they frequently release updates for new skins, bug fixes, and gameplay patches. 

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