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How Online Casinos Are Using Gamification to Attract New Players

Online casinos have achieved a whole new level of success and elevated both the experience and availability of popular casino games. Casino owners had to shift their businesses to online platforms, but that paid off during the lockdowns due to the global pandemic of coronavirus.

Players have turned their attention to gambling sites, and the habit of playing on them instead in land-based establishments has remained. The statistics showed that their preference elevated the number of active players, revenue, and even the number of online casinos offered to them.

But like with the other things in life, the craze reached its peak, and the gamblers wanted something new. To keep them satisfied, casino operators turned to the successful strategy of gamification.

Popularity of Online Casinos

With the transition of popular games such as poker, slots, blackjack, and roulette from extravagant ballrooms to the palms of our hands, people felt more freedom to try them. It allowed the ease that was requested by the wider audience and made a multi-billion-dollar business. However, it was necessary to devise strategies to attract and keep players at a specific website.

Various legit online casinos in the Philippines utilize different methods to do so. Among the well-known are the offer of bonuses and promotions to the players, as well as marketing strategies that show creatively designed commercials or the employment of famous people in them.

Casino owners never stop looking for ways to attract players and gamification is the latest strategy.

The Success of the Video Game Industry

Video games have always been popular, but with the technological advancements we have witnessed in recent years, they are on a whole new level. People love to play video games, as the habit is established at a young age. And since video games evolve as people mature it is very easy to nurture the habit. A long time ago people rushed to arcades to play the most popular ones around.

Now, they can do so in the comfort of their homes, at any time they want to. And the gameplay and the graphics are more immersive than ever. If the visual experience elevation is understandable due to the technological advancements and excellent hardware, the gameplay improvements are something different. Games now have so many different aspects besides the main storyline.

Side quests, achievements, incredible characters, and their own stories are increasing the appeal of a certain game. More importantly, these things are nothing spectacular and new, they are now the basic requirements that gamers have when they start playing a game. These things are successfully integrated into other industries, gambling included.

What Is Gamification?

Gamification represents a strategy through which the successful elements and strategies of the video game industry are incorporated into other non-game contexts and businesses to achieve triumph and entertain customers. This is often achieved through the involvement of the game-like elements that help to achieve that feeling of joy when playing video games.

When the connection is established between the non-gaming activity and the video gaming experience, people tap into those feelings that they had when they were kids. It also generates an experience in which the customers feel more involved and elevates the level of their experience.

How Is Gamification Included in Online Casinos?

Now that we have learned the basics, it is time to establish specific examples of how gamification is integrated into online casinos. To establish a connection with video gaming experiences, operators frequently lean on their competitive nature. Gamers and gamblers are both very competitive in general and through a simple placement of leaderboards, operators exploit this trait.

A leaderboard shows who is the best of the best, and they all want to come out on top. It is no longer just about winning money; it is also about recognition and reputation. This is just one of the ways to tap into their need for achievements, missions, and levels. Other means to achieve this are through points, badges, and interactive challenges.

Casino operators define short missions or challenges, and players aim to complete them to gain points. These are later utilized to complete certain achievements, and their completion brings players rewards and recognition. Performing these tasks helps players think of the whole gambling process as a rewarding journey. It increases their feeling of grander achievement.


Online casinos took the attention of gamblers by storm, and with the established and growing player population, casino owners needed to continue their work on the appeal of the gambling experience. One of many strategies included the integration of video game elements and experience, also known as gamification.

Through it, gamblers establish a more immersive experience and a deeper connection to the gambling brand at which they have chosen to play. It is showing incredible results and a natural symbiosis between the two industries, so we can expect more of this in the future.

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