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There’s a video game for everyone on the market—assuming you know where to find them, that is. As the gaming industry becomes more mainstream around the world, the number of titles released continues to climb exponentially. From casual mobile games to new releases from beloved PC series to cutting-edge VR projects, there’s an endless range of options.

Best of all, many titles are cross-platform. Back in the day, legacy developers like Nintendo and Microsoft tended to release games solely for their platforms. However, to appeal to more gamers from around the world, many titles can be played via PC, smartphone, console, handheld console, and more. Still, that doesn’t solve the problem of how gamers find the latest releases and stay up to date.

If you’re looking to stay at the forefront of the top gaming releases in autumn 2024, then explore our list of suggestions. We’ve counted down the best ways for gamers of all stripes to stay informed.

Loyalty Programs

If you gravitate towards iGaming and want to stay updated on the latest offers from an online casino, the easiest way to stay informed is to join a loyalty program. Loyalty programs are usually tiered to fit all types of players, meaning you don’t need to be a high roller to receive some kickbacks.

All you have to do is check your email regularly, as the latest bonuses and offers are sent first to loyalty members. This will help you stay updated on the latest game launches this autumn and into winter.

Gaming Publications

Loyalty programs don’t exactly exist in the traditional video game industry. Though many games include rewards programs, they’re usually geared toward in-game content and virtual items. However, subscribing to leading gaming publications will keep you updated on the latest releases in the gaming world, along with how to access them.

On top of that, gaming publications also provide in-depth reviews of different titles. These can help you gauge whether or not they’re worth downloading, and might even include a few hints about how to get started with that specific game. Gaming publications might be general or specific.

For example, PC Gamer (around $48/annually for digital) usually focuses on PC titles and is widely regarded as the leading voice in PC gaming. On the other hand, if you want more general gaming information that spans the entire industry, check out Edge (around $80 annually) and Game Informer ($14.99 annually).

Developer Publications

If you want to head straight to the source, you can also subscribe to official developer publications. Though Official Xbox Magazine is now defunct, Official PlayStation Magazine is still going strong in print and digital, along with Nintendo Force. If you’re a diehard Nintendo Switch user or a loyal PlayStation buff, then these subscriptions are geared specifically toward you. However, if you tend to focus on cross-platform play, then you’re better off sticking with a publication that covers a broader range of releases.

Twitch Streamers

Loyalty programs and publications offer different ways to stay up to date on this fall’s video game releases. If you’re a dedicated gamer, then you probably already follow a few well-known Twitch streamers. However, it might pay to branch out and explore some new streams—these are a great way to hear about upcoming releases, especially those that might fly under the radar of larger publications.

If you want to leverage Twitch to help you keep track of upcoming releases, then review the streamers you follow and consider adding a few more big names to the list. Target streamers who focus on the types of games that you want to hear about, along with the platform that you tend to gravitate toward.

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