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Ever since the internet became widely spread, the issue of safety was always a concern. We do get a lot of different online games that we can explore of any genre, but not all platforms and websites are created equal. As we are seeing more and more cybersecurity issues all over the world, it is essential to remind ourselves how to keep safe while gaming online. 

Create a Strong Password

All experienced and cautious gamers know that their password is the first line of protection for their data. So, no matter if you are signing up for Steam, an online casino, or any other online platform, make sure your password game is on point. To create a strong password you should use at least 12 characters and make sure to include letters, numbers, and symbols. The best and safest practice is to ensure your password is not recognizable as a phrase or word. Also, don’t forget to have a unique password for every account, and don’t repeat yourself. You can always get a password manager or simply keep every password in a notebook. 

Research the Games

The internet is filled with various games and platforms offering games. You simply cannot be 100% sure those sites are secure unless they are the most famous platforms such as Steam. So, before you even submit any of your personal information it is essential to research the games and platforms. 

For example, let’s say you want to sign up for an online casino. You shouldn’t do it until you have read a few reviews. This is the real money and personal information we are talking about, and you want them to be safe. Especially if you want to add cryptocurrencies into the mix. The best practice here is to look for review websites for crypto casinos, for instance. Here you can find some valuable info on safe and reliable crypto casinos before you pick your favorite. Sites like BestBitcoinCasino offer reviews, opinions on the best games, and even bonuses. 

The same rules apply to any other type of game. Read what other players are saying, see if their experience is good and simply don’t be lazy to be thorough here. You can never know which site is a scam and you want your bank accounts and cryptos to be safe and sound.

Rely on MFA

MFA or multi-factor authentication is your best friend when it comes to safety online. Many reliable game operators and platforms will offer this two-factor authentication and you certainly want to make the best out of it. This way, you can enter digits sent to your phone or email to confirm your identity before signing up. And if you get a notification that someone is trying to sign up, and it’s not you, then you know it’s time to rethink your choice of a website or update your password.

Don’t Fall For It

Cybercriminals are getting creative and phishing is stronger than ever. In order to avoid taking the bait, get familiarized with what phishing is and how you can recognize malicious offers. Most phishing attackers will send you emails claiming they are the gaming platform or your bank or any other service provider asking for account updates. This way, they either attach a malicious file or send you to a fake website and steal your information. So, if you notice something like this, first check with the service provider they are claiming to be if this is true before you submit any personal information. 

Credit, Not Debit

Gaming systems and platforms will have you choose one of the payment methods. The safest option here is to choose a credit card over a debit one. Credit cards have much more consumer protection than debit ones, and if fraud occurs you will have higher chances of getting your money back.

Staying safe online is of utmost importance because one false website could turn your life around. So, make sure you are creating strong passwords, doing the research and being careful with payment methods. 

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