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In this digital era, children will be exposed to the internet in some shape or form early in their lives. And with the growing number of online scams, it has become important to educate them about cyber safety.ย 

However, rather than blending in one boring lecture after another, you can make learning fun for them with the help of internet safety games. 

This is why we have compiled a list of 7 Internet safety games aimed at middle school students. 

So letโ€™s get right into it!

Cyber Defense Quiz

Cyber Defense Quiz

This Cyber-Safety based quiz game aims to teach kids about a variety of internet safety topics including password strength, email attachments, cyber-crime, and a whole lot more.

Cyber Defense Quiz is a superhero-themed question-and-answer game in which you have to answer as many questions as possible to unlock a colorful cast of villains and superheroes.

While the questions offered on this quiz are great, it’s recommended that you play alongside your child. 

That is because it does not tell why an answer is incorrect. So, it will be a lot more helpful to have an adult available to explain the correct answer to the child.


Leave it to Google to create a great gaming as well as a terrific learning experience for our children. This game is a great resource for teachers and parents alike who are looking to educate their children about internet safety.

Interland lets children play as robotic Internauts and allows them to learn about a variety of topics like phishing, data protection, cyberbullying, and much more. 

These topics are explored through a range of different mini-games which are taught across floating islands. Each Island offers a mini-game related to a different topic.

Due to the educational content offered, this game is a favorite for parents and teachers alike. But children also seem to enjoy it due to its interactive graphics and exciting mini-games. 

Theyโ€™ll be having immense fun while also learning a whole lot about internet safety.

The Case of The Cyber Criminal


The theme of this multi-question quiz game is to educate its players on how they can prevent online theft. 

It encourages the players to keep their antivirus scanners up to date and use strong passwords to prevent potential brute force attacks and identity theft.

The gameplay of The Case of The Cyber Criminal involves children answering quiz questions to prevent a cyber-criminal from committing online theft. For each correct answer, a gadget will be removed from the suitcase of the criminal.

This cyber-safety game is great for teaching children how to protect their personal information while online. At the same time, the cartoon art style and fun music will further keep them engaged.

Internet Safety Hangmanย 


Every kid loves the classic hangman game. We’re sure you’ve played a lot of it in your childhood as well. 

This online safety game uses the same formula to teach children what kind of information they shouldnโ€™t share when they are online.

Internet Safety Hangman offers ten cyber-safety questions which means you can finish it quite quickly. 

This game also teaches children online terms like โ€œchattingโ€ and โ€œlinkโ€. Besides this, it also encourages kids not to disclose their age when talking to others online.

To win the game, you need to keep answering questions until your progress bar reaches 100 percent. But of course, if you answer all the questions incorrectly the hangman will be completed and you will lose.

Overall, this simple game is a great refresher for online safety tips for kids.

Band Runner

In this game, children will choose to play either as Ellie or Sam. The objective is to jump over and avoid obstacles and get to the checkpoint. 

You can also use your guitars to destroy blockers. After all, Ellie and Sam have a gig to get to!

If the player loses and trips over an obstacle, they then have to answer a question to continue. The questions are like, if it’s safe to share your age online or if it’s okay to share videos online.

Band Runner has many levels and it will speed up after each level. That is why it will be an exciting challenge for kids while also being a good lesson in internet safety.

The addictive nature of the game also helps in keeping children hooked on this educational experience. All in all, Band Runner is a fantastic game even if we arenโ€™t talking about internet safety.

Privacy Pirate

Piracy Pirates

In this new digital age, our children need to know how to protect their personal information while using the internet. 

This game accomplishes that purpose very well. The objective of Privacy Pirate is to construct a map that will lead the player to a treasure.

This game uses cartoonish graphics with well-done voice-overs along with quiz questions. 

These questions will help kids understand the importance of privacy and why context is important for information that is shared online.

Privacy Pirates focuses on educating rather than penalizing the player when they get something wrong. 

A guide is also available that will lead the players in the right direction which helps when they get stuck somewhere.


This is an animated game that involves two friends, Hedgehog and Hippo, who want to learn the golden rules of cyber-safety.

After watching the colorful animations, the children then have to answer a series of questions relating to internet safety. This game allows multiple attempts for the player to get the right answer.

It also deals with cyber-bullying and cyber-security and educates you on how to handle such situations. Some examples involve situations like how to respond when someone sends you a mean text message or if someone wants your password.

If you need to give a quick lesson, the animations and the game itself are perfect to teach the kids about internet safety.


The internet may be a blessing for many reasons but it also has a lot of dangers lurking out there for young children. 

Internet safety is an important lesson that should be taught by parents and teachers alike in this digital age. Hopefully, this list of internet safety games helps you teach your children about cyber safety.

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