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In today’s modern era, technology is a constancy for most people in society. Without it, each of us can hardly imagine further life. This can also be said about video games, which are quite relevant not only to the younger generation. For over 30 years, they have won our hearts and affected the culture. Video games originated from consoles and arcade games, smoothly evolving into online games and virtual reality. And this already opens up a completely different horizon for a new culture.

Top 9 Best Best Bestiaries in Video Games

Video games today are filled to the brim with all sorts of mystical creatures, so developers sometimes include a bestiary to give their creations an extra level of realism. You can read more about what a bestiary is here.

Bestiaries can rightfully be called an encyclopedia with all the necessary information about the creatures present in the games. When used in video games, a bestiary informs you about the creatures in the relevant world, as well as provides other useful information. However, not all bestiaries are created the same; some are more detailed than others. Of the many options that exist, we would like to highlight games with the most popular bestiaries:

  • Pokémon. The role of the trainer in the game is focused on catching various creatures. They are then displayed to each player in Pokedex, which contains useful information. Here you can trace where this or that pokémon was found, and basic information about it. You can see the smallest or largest of the caught pokémon. Each of them has a brief description, which helps build the environment.
  • The Witcher 3. Wild Hunt. Based on real-world legends from Eastern Europe. The most iconic is Botchling the monster. It is a monstrous fetus created from a stillborn child that has been improperly buried, and which preys on pregnant women. The main task is to kill it. Each monster here has its own story. Most of them are very tragic, and usually, a gamer requires good training to actually kill them. First, you have to figure out what kind of monster it is, then you have to mix the right potions, and then eliminate it. Each hunt is a different story. The Witcher is not quite defined by its monsters, such as in the case of Dragon Quest or Monster Hunter. Nevertheless, they make up a large part of the tapestry thus, turning the game into one of the best RPGs. These descriptions of the creatures help you learn more information to fight them.   
  • Monster Sanctuary. Here you can do more than just fight, catch, and tame them. Each monster you catch has detailed information: biography, abilities, characteristics, and location, which enables you to fight them effectively.
  • Hollow Knight. The bestiary is called the hunter’s log in the game, but it has to be purchased. Each new victory over an enemy is automatically added to the log and reveals additional information. Each completed entry contains knowledge as well as information about their combat techniques.
  • Monster Hunter. The bestiary shows a diagram of each monster along with its strengths and weaknesses. In doing so, you can quickly find weaknesses and parts of the monster that can be broken off.
  • Subnautics. This game has a lot of useful information about the creatures you may encounter. There are bio scans with a model of their appearance, an x-ray, their sizes, and threat levels.
  • Shin Megami Tensei. The game creatures are based on real mythology and are mostly either sexy or terrifying. New monsters are created by merging old ones or are hired from a dungeon. It all depends on how well you can negotiate, bribe, or use threats. The bestiary is in the form of the Demonic Compendium. This is an information bank for each demon. On top of everything else, you can call demons from the compendium that was previously obtained. For example, combined demons can be disconnected for a fee and you can call one of them.
  • Monsters of the Dragon Quest. The goal of the game is to tame and capture a variety of monsters. The game bestiary is filled with images of all encountered monsters.
  • World Nine. This bestiary is richly illustrated and full of fantasy. It features over 130 creatures and characters. Offering a number of tips for using ready-made monsters as well as for creating your own, this collection also includes many additional details about the complex far-flung post-apocalyptic ecology of the Ninth World. Each creature is given a full description, including motivation, role, and clues to the adventure.

As a rule, each bestiary consists of two sections:

First sectionSecond section
Description, images of the creaturesTechnical characteristics of each of them, which are needed in the game

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Returning to the main topic of video games and their bestiary, it should be noted that their importance is in no way exaggerated because you can miss many nuances and factors on your own. And they can significantly affect the course of the game. For example, these creatures have a lot of movement with their body parts, including a variety of interesting ways in which their bodies move and curve during combat. And it’s hard enough to notice, given the intensity of the battles. Therefore, the information in the bestiary greatly increases not only the performance of the game but also adds knowledge.

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