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Playing games is one of the most favorite methods of spending free time. The reasons are – entertainment and relaxation. But who says that games can’t be effective for our personal development as well? Many of them can help us improve your decision-making skills. 

We do not want to say this is the only way you can improve this way. However, it seems that all other available methods are more difficult and boring. While playing games, you are improving and recharging your batteries at the same time. Doesn’t that seem like a good reason to try out this method? 

Unfortunately, not all the games you can find online are good for this sort of improvement. If you want to reach the best results, we suggest you continue reading the remaining part of the article. We have highlighted the best online games you can play to improve your decision-making skills. Let’s find them out!


Hearts is a classic trick-taking card game that challenges players to avoid certain cards or sets of cards that carry penalty points. The game demands careful decision-making and strategic thinking, as players must constantly adapt their strategy based on the evolving game state and their opponents’ actions. 

Playing Hearts helps develop skills such as risk assessment, long-term planning, and the ability to read opponents’ intentions, making it an excellent tool for honing decision-making abilities. 

Online Hearts allows players to experience Hearts on their computers, providing an accessible and interactive way to enjoy the game and practice these skills against other players or AI opponents, all from the comfort of their home.


Spades is a strategic trick-taking card game that emphasizes partnership and skillful decision-making, requiring players to accurately bid the number of tricks they think they can win in each round. 

The game fosters critical thinking and planning skills, as players must constantly adapt their strategies based on their hand, their partner’s actions, and their opponents’ moves. Online Spade sites offers an exciting and thrilling way to play Spades from your computer, allowing players to practice their decision-making skills in a competitive and interactive environment.


Cribbage is a unique card game that combines elements of strategy, memory, and arithmetic, making it an excellent game for enhancing decision-making skills. Players must skillfully choose which cards to keep and which to discard into the “crib,” considering both the potential for high-scoring combinations and the risk of aiding their opponent. 

The game’s requirement to anticipate future moves, count cards, and make quick calculations promotes strategic planning while offering a thrilling gaming experience. Online cribbage games offer a convenient and interactive way to play Cribbage, allowing players to sharpen skills against other players or computer opponents from any location.

Online Bingo

It may seem silly that a simple game such as online bingo can help you improve your decision-making skills. However, if you look closer, you will see there is nothing funny about it. Without any doubt, online bingo is a luck-based game, and a player can hardly control anything around it.

But something we can control is when is the right moment to change a combination of numbers and simply leave our online account. Making these two decisions is not easy at all. Apart from that, you also need how to choose the most appropriate bingo sites. Many online platforms offer this game, but not all of them provide the most pleasing service.If you need help, you can find the best bingo sites in the Philippines in this list and make things easier that way. After you ensure yourself the best conditions (in terms of the license, bonuses, and variety of bingo games), you can fully focus on the way you make decisions.

Call of Duty

If you are a big fan of the CoD series, then you know the gameplay is based on real-life scenes. More precisely, you will find yourself in the era of WWI, WWII, and the Cold war. The game itself is full of action scenes that require quick decision-making.

Of course, in the beginning, you will probably be awful. But, over time, you will notice that things have drastically improved.


Similar to the previous game, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is an amazing action game that you can play online with people around the globe. During the play, you must be careful all the time not to get hit, to be precise, and shoot the opponent.

Things are even more interesting when you know you are playing against “real people”. All these things help you make better decisions in a short time. 

Online Chess 

Who says that action is needed? You can improve your decision-making skills even with some typical games like chess. The good news is that internet technology allows us to connect with other lovers of this game online.

If you want to win, you must pay attention to details and make good decisions when things get tough. It is obvious how this game can help you personally improve. Besides, it is not demanding at all, and you do not have to purchase advanced gaming equipment to play it. It is going to be enough to have a decent smart device or PC. 

Need for Speed

Need for Speed is one of the best and most popular racing games of all time. We will give ourselves the right to say it is number one among the games of this gender. The game itself allows you to enjoy different “missions” such as drag races, tournaments, drift battles, and other stuff. It is appropriate for people of all ages because it comes with simple rules.

You only need to win the opponent, earn money, and buy better vehicles. Thanks to the internet, you can connect with people all over the world and battle against them. In some moments, you will need to quickly decide when to go left/right, slow down, or speed up.

All that can help you increase your ability to make quick and appropriate decisions. 

Dota 2

For those that do not know, Dota 2 is a sequence to Defense of the Ancient. Just like many of the games highlighted on this list, this is a strategy-based game that requires active planning and a high level of concentration. 

When you play Dota 2 online, your mission is to defeat the opposite team together with individuals that are on your side. This means that you can’t work on your improvement alone. But, if you find an appropriate crew, you can become a leader that needs to make decisions that affect everyone.

If you manage to lead others, it will be much easier to make a personal choice in real life. 


Sudoku is not a multiplayer game, and it might be a bit more monotonous because of that. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be useful. To solve all the obstacles in this game, you must pay attention to details.

That task will automatically boost your ego and choice-making. Who would say that a simple game like that can be effective?

Red Alert

This old but gold strategy game is another game that will get you back to World War II. The storyline starts with the murder of Adolf Hitler. The “killer” was Albert Einstein that used a travel machine to get back in time. 

However, instead of Hitler, the main enemy of the game is Joseph Stalin who has the same mission and vision. Each mission you must pass lasts for hours. During that time, you will need to make some crucial decisions. 

Tactical Squad

We will end up this list with a shooting game. You have a sniper, and your duty is to eliminate opponents. But things are not easy as they seem. The only way to pass missions is to be highly accurate.

Be sure there are a lot of obstacles that are waiting for you. If you make quick and right choices, you will manage to pass them. 

Final Thought 

When you look closer, strategy-based games are the ones that can help you improve your decision-making skills. Because of that, our tip is to focus on them in case options from our list do not look impressive to you.

But, if you want to spend less time on research, we suggest you apply our pieces of advice. 

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