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Best Games to Play on iPad

Are you looking for the best games to play on an iPad? Look no further! This list has something for everyone, from board games to classic video games. Whatever genre you love the most, whether it’s strategy games or online slots UK, players and those around the world are sure to find something here that will provide hours of entertainment.

Among Us 

Among Us is an online multiplayer game in which players are randomly chosen to either be a crewmate or an imposter. As a crewmate, your mission is to complete tasks while avoiding being killed by the imposter. As an imposter, your goal is to kill off the crewmates without being discovered. It’s a great game for groups of friends to play together, as it requires teamwork and strategy.


Carcassonne is a classic board game that has been adapted for the iPad. Players take turns laying tiles to create a landscape and then place their meeples on the board to claim various features such as roads, cities, and monasteries. The game is all about strategy and resource management as players compete to score the most points.

Catan HD 

If you’re looking for an engaging and strategic game, look no further than Catan HD. This classic board game has been adapted to provide an immersive gaming experience on your iPad

The objective is to build settlements, cities, and roads on the island of Catan while collecting resources like wood, sheep, and wheat to do so. With a variety of different game modes and the ability to play against friends or random opponents, Catan HD is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is a unique and creative game that requires players to survive in a dark and surreal world. Players must collect resources, craft items, and build structures to survive in the harsh environment. The game features a roguelike progression system, which means the game world is randomly generated each time you play. 

With its unique art style and engaging gameplay, Don’t Starve is sure to keep you entertained for hours.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a classic horror game where players take on the role of a security guard. The game takes place in a haunted restaurant, and players must survive five nights while avoiding the animatronics. It’s a great game for those who love horror and tension, as it is full of jump scares and suspense.

Lara Croft Go 

Lara Croft Go is an action-adventure puzzle game where players play the role of archaeologist Lara Croft. They must explore various locations, solve puzzles, and battle enemies to progress through the game. It’s great for those who like a challenge, as the puzzles can be quite difficult.

League of Legends: Wild Rift 

This is an exciting mobile version of the popular PC game. It features 5v5 battles, where players can choose from various champions and use their unique abilities to defeat their opponents. 

With its vibrant graphics and fast-paced gameplay, League of Legends: Wild Rift is great to play on your iPad.

LEGO Builder’s Journey 

LEGO games are always super fun, and this one is no different. LEGO Builder’s Journey is a unique puzzle game that allows players to build incredible creations with LEGO pieces. Players must solve puzzles and use their creativity to build amazing structures. With its bright and colorful visuals, this one is sure to provide hours of entertainment for players of all ages.

Race for the Galaxy 

Race for the Galaxy is a card-based strategy game where players compete to build the most prosperous galaxy. Players must explore, settle, produce, and trade to build their empire. It’s a great game for those who like a challenge, requiring players to plan ahead and make strategic decisions.


XCOM is a tactical strategy game that puts players in control of an elite military force. They must battle an alien invasion while managing resources and deploying troops to achieve victory. With its intense and strategic gameplay, XCOM keeps players engaged for hours.

Wrapping Up

Overall, there are plenty of great games to choose from when playing on your iPad. Whether you’re looking for a strategic board game, a creative puzzle game, or an intense tactical strategy game, something out there is sure to keep you entertained. So grab your iPad and get ready to play!

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