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This article is going to cover the services for opening cases in Rust. At the moment, there are many of them, and against the background of similar sites, hundreds more projects are being opened. Though, the chances of opening cases are many times lower there. That is why we decided to consider this industry as a whole, comparing it with a casino, since such projects have quite a lot in common.

What is a case in Rust?

The case is a virtual “box” filled with items (skins, stickers, graffiti). To open the container, you will need to purchase a special key on the Steam marketplace or trade it with other users.

Here you can come across both expensive and cheap skins for Rust, but often the dropped item is several times lower in cost than the case itself. And on a site with similar functionality, as a rule, there are several dozens of such cases, each of which differs in cost and items.

Luck plays a key role in the drop, so the quality of the dropped skin does not depend on the current account level at all. The cases themselves often appear after successfully played matches, after increasing the rank. There are also special ways to farm “boxes”.

Luck plays a key role

So why did we compare case studies with casinos? Yes, because the chances here are about the same, and the service is the only one who will always be in the black. You can go to the site, pour in your skins, just like in a casino (only there is real money right away), and after that, spin a few cases. And, as a rule, in most cases you will not get a payback, and it’s good if you just return at least 70% of the balance. However, there you immediately understand that the service will always be in the black and the chances of winning are not so great.

Our list of top offers for rust case opening

But, from time to time, really good options appear. These services most often profit not from players but from advertising. Therefore, it is beneficial for them that the user stays on the site for as long as possible.

Our main goal is to do our best to provide you with a safe and positive experience on the sites we review. That’s why we regularly update our list of sites so that you only find the best available sites.

Here’s what we managed to find:

  • RustChance is one of the most popular gambling sites for Rust skin. There is a wide variety of games here, and each game employs Provably Fair system to show that your game is fair.
  • RustReaper is a great service where you can win pretty solid cases. It features a simple and understandable system for withdrawing winnings.
  • CrashGG – there is a really large selection of games, which allows everyone to find what they like. You can also get a nice welcome bonus.
  • RustMoment – many players come here only because of the welcome bonus, but stay for a long time, because the service offers really interesting games.

This list will be updated over time, so stay tuned. If you have your own favorite sites, write to us and we will definitely consider them But be careful, because we are still talking about gambling. Don’t take wins and losses too seriously, just as a way to have fun and pass the time.

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