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The entertainment of 2022 is cryptocurrency games and other attractions. Such games have already begun to be considered traditional for users. After the appearance of projects based on blockchain technology, the crypto dice game has many fans. Some licensed clubs have begun to use the principle of fair play more often. Clients can independently verify the authenticity of the results of each round and make sure that the crypto casino is really honest. By the way, the concept here is the same!

Crypto Game: the Beginner’s Rules

There are variations of the popular entertainment in some virtual clubs, but the gameplay remains the same. In 2022 Dice is played on BTC, LTC, and ETH.

This instruction will help new visitors to understand the rules in order not to make a mistake when betting on real cryptocurrency:

1. The first thing the gamer chooses is a value. The max possible value of dice is 6, and this is the traditional version. In the modern version, everything has risen to 100. Thus, the new game format shows a higher risk, but the reward in case of a win is also higher too.

2. After value choosing, the gamer evaluates the chances of winning. The value of the coefficient will automatically change with changing selected number. As it’s approved, the player scores the amount of the bet. If the forecast is correct, the tokens will be automatically credited to the balance.

3. The gamer can activate the crane option in case of a complete loss of the deposit. This is a small bonus from the administration in the form of a cryptocurrency. In can be placed in any game, including Dice. Thus, this is a great chance to recoup and return the initial amount to the balance.

As you see, the rules aren’t very complicated. An experienced gamer will quickly figure out how to proceed. The most important thing is not to rush and analyze every move and moment. This game is easy even for beginners as well. Also, the chosen value shouldn’t be spontaneous. It is important that you think this through clearly.

Info about EOS

Lately, games such as BC on EOS seem to be very popular. Miners employ robots to place rates and clean tokens. EOS dice is considered to be major social gaming. All gamers are eligible to earn Dice tokens here by playing and then receive dividends from bets. The tokens and the platform are based on a user-centric design that gives the best gaming experience.

EOS is a new cryptocurrency for people. Should you invest in EOS? The risk for EOS investors is the large number of competitors looking to enter the big market. The success of each project reduces the chances of success for EOS. Does EOS have any advantages? Yes, sure! There are a lot of them! EOS is not only cryptocurrency but also an operating system that provides users with the ability to create applications. Unlike its competitor, EOS can process several hundred thousand transactions per second.

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