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Those who play crypto casino games know that the name of Cloudbet is inextricably linked with forward thinking. The site was, after all, the first one to offer people the chance to bet with crypto, and it is still among the big hitters in casino betting today. If you can name an innovation in crypto betting, the chances are that Cloudbet was in on the ground floor with it, and that focus on innovation has been at the forefront again as the site launches its loyalty program Marketplace, which offers a twist on the usual bonus offers adopted by online casinos.

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The idea behind the Marketplace program is that, rather than simply offering cookie-cutter bonuses in the casino’s Promotions tab, Cloudbettors will be in a position to collect Lightning Points which can be saved up for use in the market. These points can be cashed in regularly to benefit from free bets, bonus spins and other casino incentives. They can also be saved up and treated as a collection fund for the three star prizes that are the headline offers from Cloudbet. Raise enough Lightning points from placing bets at the casino, and you can one day trade them in for a Lamborghini Huracan, a Rolex Daytona “Rainbow” limited-edition watch, or seven days on a private island in the Maldives.

It’s fair to say that it will take some time to collect enough Lightning Points to be thinking about hopping behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, so let’s focus on the more realistic prizes. Free bets in the sportsbook and spins in the Cloudbet casino are pretty nice, there’s no doubt about it – and among these more betting-focused prizes, there is also the chance to spend your points on some custom offers. And these custom offers are pretty innovative, as you might expect from the world’s first crypto casino.

A system of sliders allows you to use your points in a targeted way, deciding how much capital you want to receive as a free bet, and also governing the wagering requirements on any such bet. If you’re tired of having to play through your bonus winnings forty times before you can even cash them out, then you can choose to have minimal wagering. If you want to maximize your opportunities to win something, then you can choose to have more bonus funds. If you have enough Lightning Points, you can do both.

It’s very much in keeping with the Cloudbet way of doing things that they’d decide to offer their customers the opportunity to choose what they can get for their bonuses. It also makes sense to launch Marketplace at the time of the World Cup, where they are offering bettors the chance to get double points for every bet they make on the action in Qatar. Furthermore, you can augment your points by inviting friends to join Cloudbet, and earn you referral points every time they make a bet in the casino. With a bit of luck, all of these bonuses could soon add up to earn you a luxury holiday in the Maldives.

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