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E-sports have gained immense popularity over the years, with millions of players and spectators tuning in to watch professional gaming tournaments. But it’s not just about entertainment anymore, as many players now bet real money on these tournaments while others gamble with skins and items. 


Esports betting is online betting that involves wagering on the outcome of esports matches. It’s a competitive video gaming industry that has grown rapidly in recent years. Today, many online bookmakers offer esports betting markets. And people who want to succeed in esports betting learn the basic and advanced betting techniques from leading online sportsbooks, such as

But when did esports betting start? The history of esports brings us back to the early years of video games when players gathered to compete against each other in arcades. The first known video game competition was held in 1972 at Stanford University. 

In 1997, the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) was founded, which became one of the first major esports organizations. The early 2000s saw continued growth in esports, with the CPL and other organizations hosting large-scale tournaments with prize pools of up to $1 million. The 2010s saw esports reach new heights of popularity.  

Twitch was founded in 2011 and became a major platform for streaming esports events. In 2019, the Fortnite World Cup had a prize pool of $30 million, making it the richest esports tournament in history. Esports is now a global phenomenon, with professional players competing for sizeable prize money. This industry is projected to continue to grow in the years to come because it’s now considered a legitimate sport by many people.  


Whether you are a pro gamer or a casual player, e-sports betting has become a way to boost your gaming experience and earn some extra cash. Even the self-excluded players can bet on e-sports and find alternative ways to bypass Gamban via

In this article, we’ll explore the two most common ways of betting when it come to E-sports. We will take a deep dive regarding their risks and rewards, and critical points players should consider while gambling on e-sports.

Which are the types of Esports betting?

Players generally engage in two types of esports betting: Skin/item and Real money. Both kinds follow the same basic logic – you place a bet on the outcome of a game or event, and if you’re lucky with a correct prediction, you win money or items.

The main difference between these two types is the depositing method. In skin/item gambling, you deposit virtual items, typically cosmetic skins or in-game items, as the currency to place bets. These items are usually earned or purchased within the game and hold a particular value that can be used to wager on a specific outcome. On the other hand, traditional betting sites, you deposit funds into your account to place bets.

If you’re new to the industry, it’s worth noting that skin and item bets are typically associated with online games such as CS: GO, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, etc. Meanwhile, real money gambling is more commonly found in traditional sportsbooks and online casinos. To better understand the esports gambling industry, you can learn about all games and get the latest updates online.

Also, to find the best gambling sites, you should consider the type of betting you want to engage in. For skin/item, you should opt for websites that support this type of trade while making sure that this type of site is trusted and not another scam. If betting with skins is not your preferred way then online sportsbooks is your best choice with regards to betting markets and variety of games.

What to look out for in Skin Betting Sites

Skin betting sites are online platforms that allow players to gamble using in-game skins or items as currency. These sites offer various options for wagering, including the most popular ones like Coin Flip, case opening and roulette.

In Coin Flip, two players place skins of the same value into a pot, and the website flips a virtual coin to decide the winner. The winner grabs all the skins in the pool. Match betting involves placing skins on the outcome of professional gaming matches. The player who correctly predicts the match’s outcome gets skins from other players who placed bets. Roulette involves spinning a wheel to determine the winning skin.

However, according to ParentZone, skin gambling can be pretty unsafe sometimes, so when using skins, we advise you to watch for potential scams and fraudulent activities. Avoid gambling items of significant value on sites that lack reputable licenses and security features such as SSL certificates. Researching and reading reviews about the operator before placing any bets is also quite essential.


  • You can bet with your spare items.
  • Markets are generally simpler to understand.
  • It can be less addictive.


  • More prone to scams.
  • It can sometimes be challenging to determine item values.

What to look out for in betting sites?

Traditional sportsbook sites are the most popular option for those who prefer to gamble with cash instead of in-game items. These sites often provide several options for placing esports bets. However, given the fact that most of these sites are not dedicated to esports, advanced players might find them lacking certain markets and/or features. Rest assured that most sites offer markets on all major e-sports events. Users looking for more events and games can always find dedicated esports bookies. With the gaming industry being at an all-time high, we can safely say that bettors can easily find a site that tailors to their needs.

Unlike skin sites, sportsbooks do not support in-game items, so you can take advantage of promotions that offer up to a 200% bonus on your first deposit. The bonus allows you to increase your budget and make larger bets. However, as with any online cash transaction, this also means you risk getting scammed. So, we’ll always implore players to remain vigilant and stick to reputable bookmakers.

One advantage of sportsbooks is that they generally have greater trust and credibility than skin gambling sites. This is because most of them have a license and are regulated by authorities that ensure they comply with legal and ethical standards. This means you can be more confident in the site’s legitimacy and transactions.

Another green light is that they offer a wider range of markets. This means you have a greater choice of games and events to bet on, from major sports leagues to obscure competitions, as long as you stick with quality sites. However, one of their downsides is that they do not offer coin-flipping or skin-betting options, which are popular among the players.


  • Greater trust level with licensed sites.
  • Offers more bonus and reward schemes.
  • Players can access more markets.


  • Fewer games to bet on.
  • No coin flipping and skin bets are available.

What to keep in mind when gambling

Both skin and regular sportsbook sites have their respective positives and negatives. Skin sites allow gambling with spare items and easy accessibility but have a higher risk of scams and lack of regulation. On the other hand, online bookies have greater trust and offer more gambling options but have fewer games to wager on, as they need more excitement of coin flipping and skins. 

Regardless of your preferred method, you should always have a strategy for enjoyable and responsible gambling, and some of the best tips include the following: 

  • Taking advantage of bonuses and promotions.
  • Verifying the reliability of sites.
  • Reading reviews before placing any bets.
  • Not relying solely on friends or a well-designed website interface. 
  • Sticking to games that you fully understand.
  • Avoiding high risk or unbelievable odds when playing.
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