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How to Build a Casino in Minecraft?

Minecraft has been enabling players to make their dreams come true since the day it was released. In this popular sandbox game, you can build almost anything you can imagine. There are even players who create huge cities in Minecraft. This means that you can also build a casino if you wish. It will not be as impressive or practical as an online casino Canada real money, but you can create a working casino building. Below, we’ll talk about how you can do it.

Start With Dimensions

The first (and most important) thing to decide is the size of the casino. Of course, you are free in this regard, but using small scales such as 6×6 will not give ideal results because you will not have enough space to place the gaming tables. However, large scales such as 120×120 can also result in casino buildings that are mostly empty. Initially, we think the 36×36 size will be ideal for most players, but the final decision is yours. You can choose any size that you can work with effectively and efficiently.

Create a List of Materials

Once you have decided on the size, you must decide on the material you will use to construct the casino building. This building will also have a lot of glass, so take that into account when choosing materials. In the beginning, focus only on the building itself, not the games. You are free to design and get creative, but we recommend creating a brick and glass building. It will be much more practical than other options. It would also be good if this building is two-storied, so you can easily enlarge it without space problems.

  • Melt clay balls in the furnace to build bricks.
  • Melt sand blocks in a blast furnace to build glass.

It doesn’t matter which fuel source you use. If you want your glasses to be clear, melt these materials together:

  • Glass; 
  • Glass Panes;
  • Glass Bottles (or Sand).

As a result of this process, you will get “Liquid Glass.” You can get Clear Glass by using this in a Casting Basin. You can combine Standard Glass with other objects to get Glass Panes and Glass Bottles.

You should decide the number of bricks and glass according to your design. We cannot give you an exact number. However, we can say that this will be the most challenging part of the construction period, as the rest of the steps will only take time and creativity. Gathering materials, on the other hand, will require a lot of farming.

Start Building Games

After you have successfully built your building, you can start working on the games you will put in it. Real-life casinos have a huge selection of titles, including slot machines and table games (blackjack, roulette, poker, etc.), and it’s up to your creativity how much you can bring to Minecraft. However, in the vanilla version of the game, there are some obstacles that you can’t overcome no matter how creative you are. For example:

  • To make a roulette table, you can create a 5×5 wooden table and put a ship’s rudder on it. With a little imagination, it will look pretty similar to a roulette table.
  • You can even create a slot machine using stone bricks. It will be quite large but will resemble a real slot machine.

The problem is that none of these games will actually work and will not include some important elements (for example, the numbers on the roulette table or the opportunity to claim 100 free spins). Casino games use RNG software that produces random results, and adding such software (and other functional mechanics of the games) to the vanilla version of Minecraft is next to impossible. If you don’t have a modded game, you’ve come to the end of your Minecraft casino adventure. You can’t really make games that work, you can only create things that look like them. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: using mods.

Using Mods to Perfect Your Minecraft Casino

You can download many Minecraft mods from CurseForge. These mods will add new functions and skins to the game. But you don’t have to try to perfect your casino using them. Instead, you can use mods already developed for this job.

For instance, a mod called “Casino Craft” adds 24 different minigames to Minecraft. These include card games too. You can put real blackjack and poker tables in your casino. There is even a simple roulette table in the mod. Other modes you can use include “Casino Royale,” “Playing Cards,” and “Casino Tycoon.” You can even turn to play these games into quests that give XP: the “Dark Spins” mode allows you to do this.

If you use multiple mods at the same time, make sure they will work in harmony with each other. For example, we recommend that you do not use the “Playing Cards” and “Casino Craft” modes at the same time, as they both do pretty much the same thing. With the help of mods, you can create a fully functional casino in Minecraft.

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