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Some of the most hardcore fun available online is through gaming communities. It’s all about a gamer bringing together other passionate gamers who share similarities. In the real world, it’s creating friendships; in the gamer world, it fosters a brotherhood. 

As online gamers, we often feel alienated from the world. Some label us introverts, nerds, bots, or other fancy labels that describe people lacking social cues. It’s a stereotype we often live by. 

In college, we are the group who turn to an essay service to handle our assignments so we can have ample game time on our PCs. 

One technique that most online gamers suffer from is creating a thriving and sustainable gaming community. Bringing together different gamers into one house can result in chaos. Also, it can thrive into a force to reckon with and compete with World of Warcraft, Dank Memes, and Halo. Our guide provides a simple breakdown of building and growing your community. 

Active Gaming Communities

The nature of gaming communities continues evolving with advancements in technology. Developers are working tirelessly to curate experiences to attract gamers. Here are popular examples of communities to emulate:

  • Minecraft

Arguably, one of the largest online gaming communities is Minecraft. It boasts an active and thriving online community with millions of members involved in the gaming experience. Gamers create their worlds with custom structures, blocks, mobs, etc. 

In addition, gamers can join servers and participate in mini-projects like Build Rush or Parkour Course. The immersive experience becomes more likely with active chat forums, rooms, and in-game events. 

  • Eve

Another massive multiplayer community with role-playing games for users is Eve. Also, it’s one of the founding communities with a lifeline spanning two decades. Currently, the platform boasts over half a million subscribers. 

Different players are part of the community. Some players forge alliances and work towards achieving a common goal, such as mining resources. It features an active chat room and forum with links to social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

  • Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is an inclusive gaming community of players of different age groups in a vibrant, immersive, and active environment. Unlike other platforms, the gaming community is big on exchanging ideas, concepts, and items. Through their dedicated host events, players can join clubs and chat rooms. 

It is an art world where players create custom designs for furniture or clothes and share them with others. Other players might prefer creating pathways while exploring the environment and new areas. 

How to Build Your Gaming Community

The gaming world is quite receptive to new ideas. We have seen gaming projects skyrocket within the initial hours of launch. However, some are yet to gain the traction they deserve due to the lack of hype surrounding the game. Here is a quick shortcut to building your gaming community:

1. Be Loud

We understand it isn’t very pleasant when a new project is launching, and we can’t deal with the type. Most projects fail to live up to the hype and leave us disappointed. But being loud doesn’t necessarily mean creating a disturbance.

It’s about creating excitement around your project. Get the word around the streets going about the coming event. Create a social media campaign that cuts across different channels to inform people about your current project. 

Curate a strategic plan to entice curious gamers into what you’re planning to release. Post trailers, screenshots, and other visual aids to capture their attention and keep them engaged. 

2. Patience

A thriving and active gaming community isn’t built overnight. Some projects took years upon release to create some buzz and attract users. Therefore, don’t try the shortcut routine other projects use to attract unknowing customers. Remember, user retention is key.

Look for online gaming communities on social media platforms to make your first introduction. A good online reputation is an attractive feature in this industry. Brand visibility remains key to amassing followers. 

3. Stay Updated

Engaging followers on each step of the project builds anticipation and excitement about the overall release. Don’t post trailers, screenshots, videos, and stories only. Actively participate in forums to get a sense of what they expect. Carry out surveys, polls, and direct messages for more engagement. 

4. Learn Current Lingo

Memes are the current hot grab in the online gaming community. It’s a new form of conversing without necessarily using words. Therefore, you must learn the latest memes in chat rooms. Users understand memes faster than long articles explaining core details about the upcoming release.

5. Find Active Collaborators

There is a reason why Pewdiepie, VanossGaming, W2S, and Marklipier are in high demand on the market and get paid millions for influence gigs. These are the big names in the field who carry influence and numbers to grow your project. 

As a startup project, research for mini influencers in the growing gaming atmosphere. Usually, these gamers have small but consistent followers (up to 10k subscribers). The small nature of these communities means members are active and highly interested in new releases. 

6. Rewards and Incentives

One sure way to keep followers returning is through rewards and incentives. Loyalty packages for new clients and exclusive items encourage them to stay around for more. Also, discounts and exclusive reveals keep the excitement growing.

Moreover, it helps foster relationships with the online community with an increasing engagement with the release. A strong and united community is a necessary ingredient for the success of any project in the metaverse. Seek areas of improvement while using traction from the community to perfect areas for more engagement. 

7. Premium Experiences

Followers are always looking for new and exciting gaming experiences to explore. This could range from seasonal events, free-pass days, and major updates. Keep these experiences regular to build a strong anticipation within the community. Try also writing some reviews about your experiences. As an example you can take a handmadewriting review.

Start Today

One mistake most developers or gamers face is waiting for the perfect time to build their online gaming community. Start right now by learning about your target gaming community. Careful plan and execute your strategy by following these expert tips.

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