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How to Fund Your Video Game Streaming Career?

The rise of game streamers has brought about a new way for people to enjoy video games. This is done by watching someone else play the game and comment on their gameplay. The popularity of this activity has led to many people starting their own channels in order to share their gaming experiences with others.

There are, however, some challenges that come with streaming. The biggest one is finding a way to fund your channel. This can be done in a few ways, but the most common one is through sponsorships.

There are other ways to fund your streaming career, such as through donations or by selling merchandise. However, these methods are not as reliable as sponsorships.

Here are our details tips on how you can fund your streaming career:

Get Sponsorships From Gaming Companies

This is one of the most common ways to sponsor a streaming channel. When you become popular enough, you can set up deals with game companies where they will promote their games on your stream in exchange for money. The number of sponsorship deals varies depending on how many viewers you have and how many live at any given time.

It is best to partner with a number of different companies so that you can have a steady stream of income even if one company stops sponsoring you.

The more popular the platform is, the easier it will be for you to find sponsorships. Popularity means an increase in both your viewership and other game companies that might want to sponsor you.

As of today, Twitch is by far the most popular streaming platform and is the place to be if you’re looking for sponsors. YouTube also has a significant number of streamers, which makes it a good option as well.

Twitch also has another method to provide you with steady income such as through subscriptions and donations, which we will go over next.

Check our Twitch guide to learn more how to setup your stream.

This is a good way to raise extra income because people will not only be watching your stream, but they’ll also buy things from you. You can sell T-shirts, hats, mugs, and other items that have the logo of your channel on them.

However, selling merchandise takes a lot of time and effort because you need to design the items yourself and send them over to a printing company.

Charge For Online Tutorials Or Lessons

This is another way to make money, instead of giving free advice or lessons on your streams. Many people are willing to pay for knowledge because it saves them time trying to figure things out themselves. This can become a full-time job if you have enough followers who are interested in taking lessons from you.

However, this option is not recommended because it might cause you to lose viewers who come for your free advice and stay because they like playing games with you.

Start A Patreon Account

Patreon is a site that allows artists and other content creators to fund their work through monthly subscriptions from fans. The patrons pay the creator every month so he/she can continue creating content.

Of course, Patreon takes a cut from your earnings too so it is not the most profitable option. However, if you already have thousands of viewers on your stream and they love what you do, this might be worth considering.

Enter Video Game Tournaments For Cash Prizes

If you are truly skilled at playing games, then this option will work best for you. Juggle streaming with participating in tournaments and winning prizes to fund your channel.

You can also go to local gaming events and offer lessons to gamers there. This way, not only will you have an opportunity to hone your skills but it’ll be a great chance to network with other gamers.

If you have good skills in online casinos games like poker or blackjack, it is also a good option to short fund your streaming career with this method. Online casino games are well-known to make a good fortune if you are skillful and lucky.

This is how some of the most popular streamers earn their income. But first, you have to focus on building up your following through live streaming and engaging them as much as possible.

The more dedicated fans you have, the more they’ll support you and your endeavors.

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