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Gaming can be most entertaining to spend time in; it could be a multiplayer battle royale or a quiet solo effort. But sometimes, the game becomes tricky and frustrating, and you want to leave the space. Every gamer wants to play like a professional, and the reasons to be a better gamer could be varied. You could like to sharpen your skills, want to compete in esport, or simply wish to impress your sweetheart. Many times you play a title leisurely to find some respite. On occasions, you want to challenge other players and show your competitiveness. But if you want to step into the gaming realm sincerely, there must be a plan before jumping in.

Learn the gameplay

If it is a newly launched FPS title, firstly, you need to learn the gameplay, and the forum for various FPS games is the best place to start. There could be many new features, maps, mechanisms, and control in the title. Jumping in without the knowledge only results in dissatisfaction. Before engaging, go through the forums, scroll through reviews, and watch podcasts about the new game. One of the best ways to improve performance is to retrospect how you played. Frontline athletes and players review their previous performance to find flaws and strengths. The playback footage on a PC or console exhibits the mistakes and trends in a spurt of moments. Once you identify those flaws, it will help you to be a better player.

A healthy body and alert mind

To play like a professional, you must have a healthy body and an alert mind. Physical exercise and meditation can be game changers. An attentive player is a better gamer. Meditation and yoga give you a clear receptive mind that aids you in making prompt, correct decisions. Make sure you spend some time in the sunlight. The UV rays help you to sleep at night. Without adequate sleep, your reflex action slows down, and in online gaming, reaction time and speed are critical factors. Dehydration also inhibits hand-eye coordination and cognitive functions; ensure you keep yourself hydrated for optimal cognitive ability.

Positive mindset 

A positive approach and mindset help you to cope with stress and overcome many obstacles. Tweaking your mindset can level up your performance and set of skills. A positive frame of mind enables you to envisage a broader picture in taxing situations and find solutions. It is of great importance that you enjoy the game; positive emotions give you a broader perspective and more options. Dedication and motivation enhance your performance. You can be an outstanding gamer by dedicating time to it. Play the game with an intense intention, not casually this opens up many unseen horizons. Serious players always make conscious decisions considering all aspects of the present scenario.  

Find time 

If you are a professional or student, it may be hard to find time to shape up your gaming skill. Evaluate the hours to find a suitable time to boost up skills. It could be getting up earlier or going to bed later without hampering your sleep time and quality. You could cut off time spent on social media or unnecessary tasks to devote the residual time in an effort to be a better online player. You can always reschedule a plan to find moments that is important to you. Squeeze out sometime when you can focus on how to improve your gaming skill. 

Mental deftness

Laser focus concentration is a crucial component of being a better online player. Being able to judge the situation quickly and precisely enables you to outstep the opponents. They will be astonished by your quick moves. The more you eliminate mindless activities, the more mental dexterity increases. It is natural for human beings to engage in such acts in pursuit of pleasure. It is fine to get involved in moderation, but too much of such activities slacken your mind. Your brain is like a muscle. The more exercises it fortifies. Solving a puzzle or crossword is an excellent mental exercise that promotes mental strength. Learning to play a musical instrument is an excellent mental workout for gamers as it improves mind-body alignment. While driving, try to read old-fashioned maps instead of GPS locations. This helps you to read maps more flowingly on games.

Critical thinking 

Fast-paced action games improve your reflex as to survive in the game; you need quick response time and speed. Getting involved in outdoor sports, particularly racket-based games like table tennis also boosts your reflex action. Critical thinking is an important parameter while playing video games. It is a faculty to quickly process data and analyze it so you can arrive at an informed decision. There are situations in games where you need to act on gut feeling and experience, but in other scenarios, you need to think critically to derive a judgment that would be the best solution in the given situation. 

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