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Have you ever experienced being in a middle of an intense battle, and then suddenly, your PC gets all laggy? Experiencing lag spikes can be annoying and may cause you to lose the game. Constant lag spikes or sudden and temporary drops in your gaming performance is a common problem many gamers face. When your game stutters or freezes, it can make you lose your focus and ruin your overall playing experience. 

In this article, we’ll go over some proven tips to help you stop constant lag spikes while gaming on your PC. Let’s begin!

1. Check Your Internet Connection

If you’re playing online games, you need stable, high-speed internet to enjoy smooth gameplay. Otherwise, you’ll experience constant lags that will ruin your gaming experience. So, before playing, ensure that your internet speed is adequate for your gaming requirements. 

You can use an online speed test tool to check your internet speed or check if your internet provider has ongoing network maintenance. If your internet speed is slow, you should consider upgrading your current internet plan or reaching out to your internet service provider for assistance. 

2. Close Background Applications

Just like your mobile device, your PC can get overwhelmed when running many apps at once. If your internet speed is great, but you’re experiencing lag spikes, your PC may be running multiple applications in the background that consume many resources.

To prevent this, close all unnecessary applications before you start playing. You can do this by opening the Task Manager and ending any applications that are not essential for your gaming. This will free up resources on your PC and provide a more stable gaming experience.

3. Adjust Your In-Game Settings

Another way to reduce lag spikes while gaming is by adjusting your in-game settings. For example, if you’re playing your game with the highest graphics, it will be hard for you to get a smooth gameplay if you have low internet speed. You can reduce the graphics settings, such as shadows, anti-aliasing, and other visual effects, to lower the strain on your internet connection and PC’s hardware. 

You can also adjust the game’s resolution to match your monitor’s resolution. This can reduce strain on your PC’s resources, making your game run more smoothly. However, if this doesn’t fix the lags, you may want to upgrade to a better internet plan. May it be cable or satellite internet, always do your research to see which is best for gaming.

4. Use a Wired Connection

If you’re playing an online game via WiFi, you might want to try connecting your PC directly to your routing via an Ethernet cable. Always remember that a wired connection is usually more stable and faster than a wireless one because interruptions are limited, unlike over a wireless connection. Doing this may help in reducing the lag spikes you’re experiencing.

5. Check Your VPN

VPNs are known to cause connection issues even if you have the fastest fiber internet plan, especially with gaming. If you want to keep playing with a VPN, make sure that what you have is a gaming VPN and not the free VPN you usually see online. These free VPNs are usually the ones that can slow your internet down and even compromise your personal data. So, only use trusted VPN software specifically developed for gaming.

6. Upgrade Your PC Hardware

Constant lag spikes that are not related to internet issues could be a sign that your PC’s hardware is a bit outdated. Older components may need help to handle the demands of modern games, resulting in frustrating performance issues. To avoid this, consider upgrading essential components such as your CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage, which can significantly boost your gaming performance.

Moreover, taking care of your PC is crucial, so make sure to keep it clean and dust-free. Dust buildup can affect the cooling system and cause overheating, which may also result in lag spikes. So, make sure to regularly clean your PC to keep it in good working condition. We also recommend you run your antivirus software for a thorough check occasionally to ensure that there are no suspicious files on your device that may be causing the lag spikes.

The Bottom Line

Constant lag spikes can be frustrating, but by following the tips above, you can minimize them and enjoy smooth gameplay. Always remember that prevention is always better than cure, even for gaming. Ensure that your PC and internet are optimized for gaming before you start playing to avoid lag spikes. Have fun!

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