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Have you ever strived to get valuable game items to advance faster and unlock new possibilities? 

The most valuable game rewards, precious currency, or Premium items, usually are highly demanded, but hard to get. 

Earning them in the game may entail completing different types of missions, participating in bootcamps, teaming up with other players and playing in special game modes, or spending your real-money funds. 

Nevertheless, a brand-new cashback startup has decided to make their contribution and add to this list one additional effortless way to earn game rewards. 

This startup is MillionPugs and it allows gamers to get the game content they need for shopping online at their favorite stores. 

In this article, you will find out:

  1. What is MillionPugs? 
  2. Who should use MillionPugs?
  3. How to use MillionPugs? 
  4. What are MillionPugs reward points?
  5. What game rewards can you get using MillionPugs?
  6. Is MillionPugs safe to use?

What is MillionPugs?

MillionPugs is a brand-new cashback for gamers providing them with an additional way to get game rewards. 

The concept is that you shop online at partnered stores who have prepared special deals for MillionPugs users, activate deals, collect reward points, and redeem them for fancy game rewards MillionPugs offers on their site. 

Who should use MillionPugs? 

The cashback for gamers is targeted towards all the gamers who have been looking for an easy and effortless way to get the game content they need. 

The platform already collaborates with big titles, such as, for example, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, World of Tanks, or World of Warships. Nevertheless, MillionPugs is still growing, adding new games and fancy content to their list on a regular basis. 

Therefore, if your favorite game is missing, you can reach out to MillionPugs at their Discord and Twitter, make a suggestion, and keep your fingers crossed that the game you play will want to join the MillionPugs community. 

How to use MillionPugs?

Starting using the cashback platform is simple and free. All you need to do is create an account and, optionally, install the browser extension. 

Before you create an account, you can easily browse all the affiliated stores, games, and rewards available on the MillionPugs site. 

Once you create your account, you will be able to get links to deals and activate them in stores while shopping. Nevertheless, you can also go for a fully effortless option and install the MillionPugs plugin. 

The plugin will automatically notify you about available deals every time you visit one of the partnered stores. You can use the notification to activate the deal and, after you finish shopping, you will see an updated number of reward points on your MillionPugs account.

What are MillionPugs reward points?


MillionPugs calls their reward points pugs™. You can get them when you activate deals at partners’ stores. The number granted depends on the value of the transaction. 

It is also worth mentioning that you have additional boosts of pugs™ granted at the beginning of using the MillionPugs service. You can get pugs™ for opening an account, installing the plugin, or making your first purchase. Such boosts significantly facilitate using the platform for newcomers and speed up getting hold of the desired items. 


Although pugs™ are the primary currency in MillionPugs, there are also credits. They were introduced a little bit later than pugs™ in order to allow gamers to get fancy rewards faster. 

Credits are also granted for every transaction you finalize. The main difference is that you get a fixed number of credits, which normally equals 100, for every purchase you make regardless of the value of the transaction. 

Nevertheless, both pugs™ and credits can be used to redeem in-game rewards on the MillionPugs site so they are both valuable resources.

What game rewards can you get using MillionPugs?

MillionPugs offers multiple types of game rewards from various games on their site. As already mentioned, the cashback startup is still developing, attracting new partners and adding new games with fancy game content. 

Currently, MillionPugs offers game rewards for:

  • World of Warships, 
  • World of Tanks, 
  • Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, 
  • KARDS, 
  • Heroes and Generals. 

Soon on this list you will also see EVE Online, Teamfight Tactics, Legend of Runeterra, or League of Legends. You can see the full list of coming-soon games at

For each of the titles, MillionPugs has prepared tailored offers trying to provide only top-notch content. Consequently, in exchange for reward points or credits, you can get:

  • currencies like Doubloons for World of Warships, Meteorite Powder for Gwent, or Gold for Heroes and Generals and World of Tanks,
  • premium items such as Premium Tanks for World of Tanks or Premium Kegs for Gwent,
  • Skins for World of Warships, or Gwent,
  • powerful weapons for Heroes and Generals, 
  • different types of packs with multiple items, like card packs for KARDS,
  • subscriptions. 

As you can see, the selection of game rewards is differentiated. Therefore, every gamer, regardless of the gaming experience and level they have, should find the desired items on the list. 

Is MillionPugs safe to use?


Last but not least, MillionPugs is a fully legit startup founded by gaming-industry veterans. 

These people are gamers themselves, so they are aware of the daily struggles of players. Consequently, they came up with an innovative solution to make gamers’ lives easier and, in the process, make out something for themselves as well. 

No payments required

The cashback service is free and it doesn’t require any payments at any time. MillionPugs owners make money only by commissions they earn when users activate deals at partnered brands. A part of these commissions is distributed in the form of reward points and credits to users, and another one goes directly to their account.


It is also worth mentioning that MillionPugs respects the privacy of their customers. Consequently, the MillionPugs browser extension doesn’t collect any additional data about users. It only needs the following data to provide the cashback service:

  • name, email address, and location to create an account,
  • purchases and deals used in order to grant you pugs™ or credits and inform you about special deals, 
  • trends and preferences to provide seamless services and improve them. 

Therefore, MillionPugs collects minimum personal data and doesn’t sell any user information to third parties. You can read the whole MillionPugs Privacy Policy at

All in all, MillionPugs is an innovative and legit cashback platform for players equipping them with an additional method of getting game rewards. Using the service and the browser extension is free-of-charge, effortless, safe and easy. 

All you need to do to start is to create a MillionPugs account, shop online as you used to, but start activating deals at the same time, exchange the points for game rewards of your choice, and see for yourself how this new cashback for gamers is useful.

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