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Dota 2 is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game that allows players to auction rare and limited skins through the Steam marketplace. The game’s popularity led to the creation of several gambling platforms that reward gamblers with skins, such as Dota 2 coinflip, crash, and roulette sites as well. 

But how valuable can a Dota 2 skin be? Read on for a full check on the most expensive Dota 2 skin loadouts ever.

How Expensive Can Dota 2 Skins Be? – Full Walkthrough

To understand the price of Dota 2 skins, it is fundamental to understand how these items are priced. Similar to CS:GO, these items have a price range based on two factors – rarity and quality.

Dota 2 skins classified as “Rare,” Mythical,” Legendary,” Immortal,” Arcana,” and “Ancient” have quite higher price tags. Here’s a full compilation of the most expensive Dota 2 skin transactions ever: 

Genuine Weta Skins

In 2012, special effects and prop company Weta Workshop partnered with Valve Corp. to produce replicas of items such as the Butterfly, the Demonic Blade, and the Vanguard.

When purchasing these items (which are no longer available), players could user receive one variant of two exclusive skins – the Genuine Monarch Bow Ranger and the Genuine Axe of Phractos. Both items were sold for US$ 1,300 apiece. 

In the case of the Drow Ranger, every time she uses her Ice Arrows with the Monarch Bow, several butterflies appear around her. For Axe, every time he uses Counterspiral, a circular trail of fire appears.

Platinum Baby Roshan

This special courier skin was given as a gift to players who defeated Roshan in the fastest time during the Halloween Diretide 2013 event. Due to the cycles in which the quest was revamped, there are only 140 legitimate units of the Baby Roshan Platinum, which justifies its hefty price tag.

At the time, the item was sold for US$ 3,000. Currently, there are no units for sale on the Steam Market. The last purchase was made on February 18, 2019, for over $1,000.

Alpine Stalker’s Set 

The Alpine Stalker’s Set is one of the more eccentric Dota 2 skins, as it was designed to make the hero Ursa look like a cowboy. Released in August 2012, this skin cost $13.

At the time, the community complained about the skin, claiming that it was “too different” from the hero’s personality. Valve removed the items from the store and refunded buyers but did not remove the skin from the game entirely.

Whoever bought this unique skin did not regret the decision, as the average price tag for items sold after the removal peaked at two thousand dollars per unit. Currently, some units can be found on the community market on Steam and third-party websites for R$6,000 apiece, on average.

Roshan Baby Gold

There are only 70 legitimate Golden Baby Roshan units, but its starting price was as high as the Platinum version.

This variation of the courier consists of the Baby Platinum Roshan with the Ionic Vapor Ethereal Gem and Midas Gold Prismatic Gem. The result was a fusion of the two looks, which peaked at a unique skin listed for sale for an astonishing $13,000 apiece.

Ethereal Pink Flame War Dog 

The first place on the list goes to the Ethereal Pink Flame War Dog. In 2013, Brazilian Arthur “Paada” Zarzur, owner of the eSports organization paiN Gaming, started an auction to sell a unit of the Ethereal Pink Flame War Dog courier on Reddit and sold the item for $38,000.

In the same year, Valve introduced an update called “Three Spirits”, which changed the color system and cosmetic effects, linking them to gems that can be removed and attached to other items.

World’s Most Expensive Dota 2 Skins Loadouts Ever

Even though Dota 2 skins never reached the same height as CS:GO skins in terms of hype and value, these in-game items are still valuable compared to most skins available in the Steam market.

Different from CS:GO, the Dota 2 experience is based on different heroes who have a limited number of skins available for them. Currently, the most popular skins would be those applied to the heroes called Rubick, Juggernaut, and Pudge.

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