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Games Night

If it is a rainy day or you just want to spend some quality time with some friends and family, the best way to do that is with online games that keep the whole family connected. Host the greatest bingo night, have a Mario Kart tournament, or get the whole party involved in a game of Heads Up. The choices are endless!

The Games You Need to Play

1.  Pictionary

This is a traditional drawing game, but applicable to play online with loved ones no matter where they are. There are so many apps that offer the same kind of rules: such as Drawize and Sketchful.

2.  Heads Up

This is the game that went viral after appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show. It is a guessing game that means that a word, song, character, or film will appear on the app and you hold it above your head. The aim of the game is to beat the timer and earn the most points.

3.  Jackbox Games

Jackbox Games are the creators of a series of popular games to play at parties. Some of these games include Drawful and Quiplash. Individual kinds of games or party packs can be played virtually for a great family game night with adults.

What’s great is that these games can be downloaded across a whole range of platforms including Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Playstation 4. As such, all devices can connect to enjoy an array of fun games.

4.  Mario Kart Tour

This is the ultimate game to make or break a family/friendship group. Challenge each other to see who can win the most races on a Mario Kart Tour. This fast-paced game provides hours of fun and you can get it on any gaming device, or it is available on cell phones from Google Play or the App Store.

5.  Wheel of Fortune

Just like the classic TV show, invite your friends and family over for a round. You can design it yourself with the help of the free (same name) mobile app. This way you can be exposed to a lot more questions, and variations of rounds, and those who can’t be there on the night – can tune in from wherever they are.

6.  Catan

This is a well-known and interactive board game that provides hours of fun. This classic can be played online with multiplayer in a version that is known as ‘Catan Universe’, which is completely online and you can play with others. This can be accessed on Windows and Mac devices as well as being available on Android and iOS.

7.  Scattegories

A fun word to say and an even better game to play. Challenge your family members to see who can make up the most creative words and you can play it virtually. All that is needed to play this game is a video chat, and for someone to play ‘the host.’ Once this is done, use the Scattegories word generator and have fun.

8.  Jeopardy

Bringing yet another game show classic into the comfort of your own home. This is the virtual version of ‘Jeopardy!’ See who out of your friends and family has the most knowledge when it comes to trivia in this interactive quiz game. You can download the mobile app, challenge people head-to-head and find out who scores the highest points.

9.  Codenames

Similar to Pictionary but with words mainly instead, play the classic card game online in real-time thanks to the virtual gameplay. Get together friends and family and create a room as you watch 2 leaders help their separate teams uncover the correct words. It is better to use on a computer but can be done on mobile devices.

10.  Ticket to Ride

This is another classic board game that can be taken on a virtual spin. The online multiplayer version of this is perfect for an online games night. This game is perfect for any age group as the rules are simple to understand and you can play it across various devices with up to four people.

11.  Bingo

If you don’t want to deal with apps and other downloads then you can take things old school. Design bingo cards for your friends and family members and send them out before the game. Someone can act as a host and use an online generator for the numbers. Simple yet fun!

12.  Bitlife

While not a multiplayer game, the game is a life simulation game where you will start as a baby and make life choices including relationships with your family. The game is pretty fun especially playing with your family and making troll life choices. You can even choose to abandon or reconnect with your child which is pretty impressive.

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