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Roulette myths you should know

Roulette has long been one of the most popular games in the casino industry. The game has been widely used in many land-based casinos, and over time it has been introduced to online casinos, where hundreds of thousands of its variations have appeared. Roulette has evolved rapidly over the years, eventually culminating in an amazing gaming experience that always keeps players breathless.

Online casinos have spawned many roulette variants, where you have the opportunity to play free casino roulette, for example. Despite all this, a number of myths have arisen about it that have caused a lot of misconceptions and stereotypes. These misconceptions prevent players from fully enjoying the game, which is why we’re here to dispel those rumors.

In this article, let’s deconstruct some sometimes hard to uproot myths about roulette. Roulette is an incredibly exciting game that will be able to really draw you in. Let’s dive into the topic now!

Roulette is a total strategy game

One of the most outrageous myths about roulette is that the game is totally based on strategy and that adopting the right approach will lead to wins. Roulette is, without any hesitation, the entertainment in the gaming world that is 100% about luck. Its purpose is to predict in which cell the ball will land.

There might be a way to predict by looking at the numbers the ball stopped at in previous games and develop a plan based on them, but it’s not a reliable enough way to win.

There is only one type of roulette

The history of this game began in the 17th century. Since its creation centuries ago, the game has only spread through common culture to become a popular practice. For this reason, it is completely wrong to believe that there was only one version of roulette. Of course, the general purpose of the game hasn’t changed, but over the years many different types of games have emerged.

It all started with French roulette, then European and American roulette came along. With the development of online casinos, we have seen the emergence of online roulette, including Lightning Roulette, Immersive Roulette and others.

Each of them has its own unique table for play. For example, European roulette has 37 numbered slots, while US-made roulette has 38 slots. These roulette tables also differ slightly in terms of playing field as well as casino advantage.

French and European roulette are well known for having the smallest house advantage. American roulette has a higher house advantage due to the fact that it is augmented by an additional double zero cell. Other options may also differ for roulette wheels.

All types of roulette have the same casino edge

As mentioned earlier, different types of roulette have different tables, reels and winning odds. Because of this main factor, the house edge for different types of roulette can also be different. A perfect example is the difference between European and American roulette. The American version of roulette has 38 numbered slots – one more than its European counterpart. This extra number increases the house advantage because players have fewer chances to win.

Pre-ordered roulette wheels

One of the most common myths is the alignment of roulette wheels. This misconception originates from popular movie scenes that use magnets to artificially change the course of a wheel, but this is not actually true.

No reputable casino would ever consider wheel rigging, as this could result in the complete loss of your gaming license. Getting a license is not an easy task, so casinos do not risk losing it. It is possible that there are casinos that try such a scam and that is why it is recommended to check your license before investing your money.

5 Possibilities to cheat at the casino Roulette is a game of chance, and its advantage in the casino varies from type to type. Moreover, you can use a few tricks and strategies to turn the casino advantage to your advantage. There’s one thing people tend to overlook: it’s fictitious to believe that winning every time is a reality. In short, play responsibly.

The dealer can control the ball

Many players believe that the dealer can control the ball, because the dealer controls everything from opening the game to announcing the winners. But this is simply illogical. The dealer does not have the ability to manipulate the ball so that it stops moving at a certain number. Casinos consistently take appropriate measures to ensure that the game is regulated and fair, and its outcome is random.

Luck and skill

Roulette can be seen as a fusion of luck and skill. And those who claim to have found a way to master the art of the game are sadly mistaken, as there is no single surefire technique that will help the player make a profit on every spin. Always remember to play responsibly. When playing online, it is useful to use a money management system to control your gambling when you sit down at the roulette table.

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