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Most people fear the unknown, and one of the most terrifying things they can experience is something that lurks beneath them, in this case, something hidden in a deep body of water. This particular SCP will be of great interest to sea monster fans. 

SCP anomalies can range from ghosts, objects, and unexplained phenomena. This time we will feature a gigantic monster named SCP 3000 or as it is popularly called “ Anathasheshna”. It is a Thaumiel-class anomaly that is kept secured by the SCP Foundation for its potential to cause harm to humanity. 

It has a massive mass of flesh that is as large as a city block and weighs over 10 billion tons. Its size and weight cause it to sink when exposed to water, and its very existence is completely unknown. 

It is theorized that this creature was born from an unknown event in the early history of the Earth. 

What is SCP 3000?

scp 3000 mtu

SCP 3000 is a gigantic, aquatic, and serpent-like creature resembling a moral eel. It is said that it is almost impossible to measure its sheer size but estimates predict it to be around 600 to 900 kilometers in length.

Its head measure roughly 2.5meters in diameter and some parts of its body are as large as 10 diameters in size. Reports reveal that the creature doesn’t really need nutrition or food to survive, but after feeding it releases a viscous, dark-grey substance.

Where is SCP 3000 contained?

Eremita scp 3000

SCP 3000 is contained in the Bay of Bengal which is around 300 kilometers in diameter. The area is guarded by Foundation Naval Vessels to prevent civilians from going into the area. In the event that people come in contact with the creature, they should be immediately quarantined at site 151 indefinitely.

How was SCP discovered?

SCP-3000 was discovered in 1971, shortly after two Bangladeshi fishing boats and fifteen fishermen were reported missing after drifting near the Indian coast.

The country of Bangladesh was established at the time and had been subjected to high-profile political persecution in Pakistan. The incident caused great attention due to fears that it was the result of foreign aggression.

Local fire crews were unable to locate the missing boat, fuelling further media reports that the boat was lost at sea. Foundation researchers found similarities between this disappearance and another incident two years earlier.

A thorough search by Mariotte-Pashler Counters, followed by a visit to the region, located the two boats and located an unknown, previously undiscovered mass deep below the surface of the Bay of Bengal.

Foundation researchers have found the object to be a sentient being from another dimension. Its purpose is to protect the world from destruction and the existence of SCP-3000 is its life. During the containment, the area was quickly secured, and current containment procedures were implemented in April 1972.

Is SCP 3000 dangerous?

scp 3000 divers

SCP 3000 lives a seemingly sedentary life with its impossibly huge size but reports have indicated that humans viewing or just getting close to the anomaly has caused side effects. The creature is carnivorous in nature, will move swiftly when feeding, and will not hesitate to consume humans nearby when in need of food. 

This was discovered when SCP sent three divers to investigate and come up close to SCP 3000. Upon approaching the creature, the three divers suddenly exhibited strange and incoherent behavior upon contact with the anomaly. SCP 3000 then started opening its mouth and consumed the three divers and lost contact with the submarine.

SCP emits a viscous dark grey substance on parts of its head during feeding time. This substance was classified as Y-909 by SCP personnel and can prolong the efficacy of the foundation’s amnestics. This has led the foundation to put SCP 3000 as one of its most useful SCP anomalies and developed the Atzak Protocol.

scp 3000

What is the Atzak Protocol?

The Atzak Protocol is an alternative to the traditional use of Foundation amnestics by deliberately exposing Foundation personnel to Anantasheshna by sending dive teams to collect y-909. The divers will disembark from the submarine Eremita then feed the humongous creature and wait for 2.5 hours before it emits the dark grey viscous fluid to be collected by them.  The substance y-909 is a highly sought-after additive to the SCP foundation’s amnestics program and cannot be created synthetically. This makes SCP 3000 a vital asset in capturing and securing other SCP anomalies in the grand scheme of things.


SCP 3000 is one of the scariest anomalies ever discovered. But the mystery behind SCP sacrificing its own personnel to keep supplies of y-909 is borderline unethical. It appears the SCP foundation is more interested in keeping the organization’s secrecy over the possible loss of human life. 

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