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[SCP 899] The “Lost Children” Explained

SCP 899

What is SCP 899?

SCP 899 is a Euclid-class psychokinetic entity most commonly seen as groups of hostile phantom children. These anomalies reside within the rough patch of forest in Rocky Mountain Park. They exhibit extremely territorial behavior and resort to cursing while throwing objects like sharpened sticks and stones toward intruders who intrude in their habitat. These phantom children seem to be featureless and it is not sure whether they were once human and turned into SCP 899.

How was SCP 899 discovered?

SCP 899 was accidentally discovered when a young boy was reported lost in Rocky Mountain Park and a lone conservation officer was dispatched to search for the boy. The boy had been reported missing for 10 minutes so the officer expected the search to be simpler.

The officer did notice something strange once he searched the forest as it got darker and darker even if it was in the middle of the day. He also noticed his radio losing its signal and the compass going haywire, which resulted in him getting a little disoriented about what part of the forest he was in.

Once the officer arrived at the deeper part of the forest, he founds hints of the child being nearby by seeing random children’s items like a shoe, a toy, and soon faint voices of a child calling for help. But as soon as he arrived at where the voice was coming from, a horde of blue phantom-like children surrounded him. These paranormal entities that looked a lot like children, cursed at him while throwing stones and sharp sticks. 

Is SCP 899 harmful to humans?

lost children

SCP 899 is extremely dangerous and harmful when in contact with humans. They will first engage in verbal assaults before resorting to increasing violence as time goes by. Failure to leave the area immediately after close contact can sometimes result in selective memory loss and change in personality for adults.

It is also reported that this change in personality can turn into a loss of impulsiveness and curiosity, even becoming impatient with children and losing their sense of humor. 

Children coming into contact with these anomalies will simply disappear and cease to exist. This is the reason why SCP personnel have resorted to illegal means to keep the press from knowing the true events that transpired.

Traveling to the area using devices is impossibly difficult given that it renders devices like GPS, cellphones, compasses, and all forms of electronic communication useless.

How do you contain SCP 899?

SCP 899 is contained in a rough patch of forest within Rocky Mountain Park. A continuous firebreak has been created around the affected region so that SCP-899 cannot travel beyond a standing, living tree more than five meters away.

Within Rocky Mountain Park are agents housed in three park service cabins to prevent hikers and travelers from entering SCP 899’s territory to prevent them from coming into contact and getting hurt. These agents are authorized to administer Class B and C amnestics to whoever is exposed to the said anomaly.

All surrounding trees around the cabins have been removed as the phantom children have become increasingly more violent. All SCP personnel have been required to go in pairs and to carry firearms for their protection once entering SCP 899 territory.

Preventing children is of utmost priority because it has been proven that once children are exposed to the anomaly, they simply cannot be retrieved by any means possible. There have been unverified reports that the SCP authorities even resorted to faking children’s deaths to account for their disappearance and cover up the existence of SCP 899.

SCP 537 and SCP 899

SCP 537 is a flute made of human bone and was used on SCP 899 and the music coming out of the anomalous flute seemed to have a calming effect on SCP 899. It was then concluded that SCP 537 can be used as a method of apprehending or even eliminating SCP 899. But certain side effects on SCP 899 were noticed after SCP 899 exposure to SCP 537:

Known incidents involving SCP 899

Incident Report 899-25:  On  June 10th, 2009,  a new manifestation in SCP-899 appeared in a form of an adolescent male covered in bloody wounds. Dr. ██████ was attacked, resulting in severe lacerations and bite marks all over his body. The Dr. was put into quarantine for recovery.

Incident Report 899-26: June 13th, 2009. Dr. ██████ is released with no permanent damage beyond scars and bruises. Dr. ██████ passed a psychiatric examination and was able to make clear recollections about his childhood, unlike other adults’ previous encounters with SCP 899. This prompted the SCP Foundation to reclassify this particular anomaly to SCP 899-1

Incident Report 899-27: June 20th, 2009. SCP-899-1 sightings have been increasing in number and have been observed to be aggressive even towards other manifestations of SCP-899. SCP-899-1 has also attacked the cabin on the northern border and set it on fire which resulted in the death of Agent W███████.

Although SCP-899-1 has the same weaknesses as SCP 899, it is more aggressive and has the intent to kill. Scientists at the SCP Foundation conclude that SCP-899-1 has been the product of SCP 899’s exposure to SCP 537. 


SCP 899 remains a mystery to this day and although SCP 537 can cancel it out, it still poses a threat to adventure seekers who prefer camping, hiking, and doing all sorts of outdoor activities. Maybe having personnel equipped with SCP 537 in selected areas is a good idea to prevent untoward incidents.

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