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Here we are with another monster feature in the SCP lore. This time we shed a light on the mysterious red creature SCP 939, sometimes called the “With many voices”. A creature similar to cave-dwelling monsters in the movie “The Descent”, these SCP anomalies seem to have highly developed predatory tactics using sounds – voices of people asking for help.

What is SCP 939?

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The atrophy of various systems similar to troglobitic organisms is displayed by the endothermic, pack-based predator SCP-939. Due to a compound similar to hemoglobin, the skins of SCP-939 are very porous and translucent red. The average height is 2.2 meters and the weight is 250 kilograms, though it is highly variable. 

All four limbs end in three-fingered claws with a fourth opposable finger, which greatly enhances climbing ability. The heads of these creatures lack eye sockets and vestiges of eyes, and they do not possess brains either. 

SCP-939’s jaws are lined with red teeth, similar to those found in Chauliodus, measuring up to 6 cm in length, and containing heat-sensitive pit organs. Their spined dorsal ridges have eye spots that are sensitive to light and dark. These spines are believed to be sensitive to changes in air pressure and flow and may be up to 16 cm long.

The central and peripheral nervous systems, the circulatory system, and the digestive tract are all absent from SCP-939. The respiratory system of SCP-939 is atrophied and does not seem to serve any purpose beyond spreading AMN-C227. There is no apparent need to feed or digest the tissue that has been consumed. 

Incremental material accumulates in the respiratory system of SCP-939 and is regurgitated once the amount is sufficient to significantly diminish its function. Despite the absence of many vital organ systems, the SCP-939 is capable of bearing live young.

How SCP 939 Lures its Prey

scp foundation specs

Generally, prey is caught by imitating human speech in the voices of previous victims, while the imitation of other species and active nocturnal hunts have also been documented. Research is currently being conducted to determine if SCP-939 understands their vocalizations or if they are repeating previously heard sounds.

It has been documented that specimens imitate victims despite never hearing the victims speak, but how SCP-939 acquires voices is still unclear. There is no way to differentiate between vocalizations of known victims and samples of their voices. 

Consequently, the use of biometric voice-recognition security or identification systems at any installation is strongly discouraged. A single bite to the cranium or neck usually kills the prey, and bite forces of more than 35 MPa have been measured.

SCP 939 exhales AMN-C227, a Class C amnestic that has minute traces of aerosolized Class C. For the duration of exposure, AMN-C227 causes temporary anterograde amnesia, as well as an average of 30 minutes. 

It is tasteless, odorless, and tasteless with an estimated ECt50 for inhalation. In well-ventilated or open-air environments, the risk of exposure to ECt50 is not insignificant. 

Is SCP 939 Dangerous?

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These pack anomalies are highly dangerous to animals including humans. Their voice mimicry abilities are highly-effective in luring prey, especially humans who regularly respond to calls for help, making them very susceptible to SCP 939s hunting methods.

SCP 939 bears live young through a gestation of around 12 months. Reports indicate that their offspring have no major differences from human infants and are cannibalistic by nature. It slowly transforms in appearance as it grows. This makes it very dangerous when integrated into the human populace as it may be mistaken for a regular young infant for its similar appearance.

How SCP 939 is contained

They are contained in 10 m x 10 m x 3 m within the armed bio-containment area 14. These cells are fully-secured and negatively pressurized. The observation windows are 10cm thick and layered with a 100kv electrical mesh, and the specimens are monitored by an infrared camera 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Temperature and humidity are constantly maintained 100% of the time and only people with level-4 authorization are allowed access to SCP 939 and its containment area.

Containment cells are cleaned and maintained twice a week with procedures including transferring the anomalies into a separate container after being sedated heavily. Their containment chambers are also closely inspected for cracks and damage to negate any possibility of escape.

Hamzat suits are required whenever handling SCP 939 and going into areas they inhabit and standard decontamination protocols take place after such activities. 

Escape Prevention Protocol

Class D personnel will have waterproof electronic pulse monitors hooked up to the grid. This is to ensure that any untoward incident while handling SCP 939 will not lead to its possible escape. This means if a personnel’s pulse flatlines or malfunctions in the pulse monitors, this automatically means they are dead, and no further vocalizations will be acknowledged by the foundation. 

All SCP will also have tracking devices upon their capture to be able to quickly re-apprehend it once the unlikely event does transpire.


It is unclear how SCP 939 creates voices, and whether they understand what they are trying to accomplish by uttering such sounds. Research findings are still quite unclear if it is part of their biological hunting techniques or has just evolved recently through contact and appetite for humans.

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