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The gaming industry always has a huge fan club. First of all, it is connected with constant learning of the audience’s interests and desires. 2023 is no different. It will be the year of innovative technologies coming to the gaming world. So, gamers will get a head-spinning experience than previously. Let’s discuss the most prominent technological trends of 2023

Games with the blockchain technology 

When it comes to blockchain we can find this technology when we play at an online casino site. But when gamers hear that blockchain is adapted to the gaming industry they are surprised. The purpose of this tech is not confined to presenting a safer environment. Also, it opens new and new opportunities for gamers. 

Blockchain is expected to be the technology of the video game future. It opens new horizons such as playing for earnings. What is more attractive, you do not need to use special hardware or appropriate techniques. Just raise funds during your game. 

Mobile gaming popularity 

Mobile compatibility of video games as well as activities at an online casino site is at its peak. According to investigations, this massive popularity of mobile gaming is connected with our strong desire to be always on the foot. So, nearly 70 percent of modern gamers prefer mobile devices for enjoying their favourite game.

This trend will continue its development in 2023 by creating new games specially adapted for mobile gadgets. Moreover, this year is expected to continue expanding the boundaries of players` opportunities without paying attention to their devices.

The technology of Virtual Reality 

VR is a technology that allows players to receive a full-blown experience. It is a technology that develops in parallel with the boost of live dealer games on iGaming platforms. These two mechanisms give players a feeling of real presence in the game surrounding and atmosphere. 

Still, investigators expect to observe the continued development of the technology of Virtual Reality in 2023. It is possible for sure. A good great deal of VR headsets and other devices can guarantee this process will bring players unforgettable emotions.

Implement of Artificial Intelligence in the game design  

Artificial Intelligence is added to almost every sphere of our life. Step by step, this technology is implemented in the gaming field. It means that the year 2023 will bring us new stories and characters that have the power of AI. 

One of the gaming sections that use AI is game design. These algorithms are a key mechanism for the creation of more challenging and responsive games. 

In addition, the generative technology of AI is the special tool that helps to create NPCs. This principle gives game characters more dynamic and man-like behaviour. 

One more significant aspect of AI is an opportunity to create gaming surroundings and atmosphere more easily. The huge data of information can be analysed thanks to these AI steps, so more intricate landscapes are created in every video game. Virtual agents and procedural generations take part in this process.

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