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The Best 2 Player Games on Roblox

Tired of playing Roblox games solo or with a bunch of people online that you don’t really have a connection to? 

Well, now’s the time to grab your best friend or sibling and convince them to play Roblox with you! Why? Because in this article, we’ll be sharing with you our top picks of 2 player games on Roblox. 

From cooperative adventures to competitive showdowns this list covers it all. So, fire up your Roblox account and get ready for some epic 2 player action. 

The 4 Best 2 Player Games on Roblox

1. 2 Player Mansion Tycoon by Tycoon Hype

2 Player Mansion Tycoon drops players into an unknown new city where they must grind, earn money, explore hidden areas and ultimately construct and assemble their car-filled mansion. 

Players will initially start off with a fixed amount of money and have to earn additional funds by selling items and by completing tasks. These funds can then be used to invest into the construction of the mansion or for buying cars, trucks and accessories for your home from the shop area. 

Players should focus on buying droppers for their mansion first as these will automatically generate money for them. They should appear automatically in your mansion as soon as you’ve bought them. 

This money can then be used to unlock the key, an item you’ll need to buy more gadgets and upgrades for your mansion. 

The ultimate goal is to build the biggest mansion possible using creativity, collaboration and intelligence – the perfect ingredients for a 2 player Roblox game. 

2. 2 Player Pizza Factory Tycoon by Royal Prime 

Ever imagined yourself running a pizzeria for a living? Well, it’s now time to put your imagination to the test as you construct and manage your own pizza factory in this 2 Player Pizza Factory Tycoon game. 

Players will start off with a limited amount of funds and a bare bones pizza factory. You can then use these funds to purchase droppers, to automatically generate funds for yourselves. The more droppers you purchase the faster your funds generate. 

With the funds coming in regularly, players can then start investing in pizzeria supplies and gadgets like dough mixers, pizza ovens, chairs and tables to ultimately create a working pizzeria that can satisfy its customers. 

After the initial construction of your pizza factory is complete, you can start hiring employees and open your doors to customers to start making money from your business. 

3. Dual Adopt Me by kiqxae

With their own unique spin on the popular Adopt me Roblox game, the creator Kiqxae has ultimately crafted the perfect environment for collaboration, cooperation and teamwork between players. 

2 players start the game together with a limited amount of in-game currency, which can be used to purchase virtual pets, food and toys. 

Players can then take care of their pets by grooming them, feeding them and playing with them, increasing their pets’ happiness and health in the process. 

The game has a range of in-game quests and mini-games which require a degree of teamwork from the new pet parents and reward the players with money if they win. 

Lastly, the game also allows players to trade pets or accessories with other players in the virtual world, thus encouraging social interactions and creativity. 

4. Two Player Obby 2 by Funny.Games

Two Player Obby 2, the popular Roblox game which has over 387.2 million visits on the platform truly puts your teamwork capabilities to the test. 

The basic premise of the game is to work together with a friend to overcome a set of obstacles using your combined problem-solving skills, creativity and adaptability to reach the end of each level. The levels also get progressively harder the deeper you get into the game. 

So, choose your partner, customize your characters and embark on a journey that’ll take you through multiple environments, including those made up of ice and lava, to put your friendship to the ultimate test. 

How to Find 2 Player Games on Roblox

We understand that the Roblox games mentioned above, despite their huge popularity, might not be every player’s cup of tea. So, we’re going to teach you how to find 2 player Roblox games on your own. 

You should’ve already noticed by now that 2 player games on Roblox usually have “2 player” in the title. 

With that information in mind, all you have to do is type “2 player games” on the Roblox search bar and press enter. 

An array of games should pop up on your screen now, out of which you can choose any game that piques your interest with “2 player” in the title. 

Final Thoughts

And with that we’ve reached the conclusion of this article. Hopefully you enjoyed our top picks for the best 2 player games on Roblox right now. 

Most of all, we hope that you’ve now grasped how to search for 2 player Roblox games on your own because that’s the best way to find more games that suit you and your friend’s play style. 

You could even decide to become a creator on Roblox because after all the platform is open source and allows you to create your own game. Whatever you decide to do, we hope we’ve done our part in helping you get there.

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