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Video games take place in various places, whether fantasy or in locations you can visit in real life. The state of Florida became a location where you can experience both in reality and the video gaming world. However, not all games revolving around Florida are memorable. Here are examples of the best and worst games set in Florida.

Best Games Set in Florida

1. GTA: Vice City

The Grand Theft Auto series and Rockstar Games became household names for gamers worldwide. Well known for its open world and interactive gameplay style, players are put into a playground of possibilities. Besides its gameplay, games made by Rockstar are known for having top-tier storytelling. So if the player gets tired of exploring the large cities, they can always rely on the main story.

GTA: Vice City is no exception, as it is one of the more fondly remembered entries in the series of games. Vice City is based on the real city of Miami in Florida, copying the scenic beaches and high-population urban areas. The player could visit clubs, restaurants and buy properties for additional passive income in the game. Vice City shows that video games can be more than just following a story.

The main story is nothing to write off about as well; Vice City boasts a compelling story to keep players wanting more. It follows the protagonist Tommy Vercetti, a former mobster who wants to reclaim Vice City after his stint in prison. It shows the hidden maneuvering of criminals in a seemingly normal city. Tommy must tread carefully and would even join gang wars to survive Vice City.

GTA: Vice City is a classic loved game, but even great games have flaws, especially the lack details of the characters and environment. For example, characters have fingers stuck together, are very stiff during dialogues and the city is limited in safehouses. Classic GTA establishments such as gambling dens (or even casinos like Diamond Casino found in GTA 5) are also not present. This could have been a good addition, especially since this is a topic some wonder about when it comes to the colorful Floridian atmosphere. You can find out at BestUScasinos if gambling is legal in Florida. All in all, adding more detail to the lively Vice City would be welcome for future remakes.

2. Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is a throwback to the more stylized 16-bit games, mixing a good story with unique art styles. It follows an unnamed protagonist in an alternate reality of the city of Miami; he receives instructions to carry out hits on the local crime groups in the city. The story has a heavily dark tone but more philosophical sides.

The gameplay is fashioned like some of the older “beat ’em up” games but with more polished and smoother actions. The player fights using a variety of weapons, along with different masks that give the player abilities. The enemies usually go down in one hit, which also goes for the player, mixing simple and hard gameplay. Hotline Miami might be for you if you want an indie fast-paced game.

Worst Game Set In Florida: CSI: Miami

The game CSI: Miami is based on the show with the same name; however, it failed to reach an audience. 

It follows a detective style of gameplay where the player is given cases to solve with some original cast members. The player needs to gather evidence and interview suspects to find out who is the culprit of each crime. 

CSI: Miami, the game had a good formula but failed to execute correctly. The gameplay consists of guides and hints to help the player but destroys the mystery aspect of a detective simulator. Key evidence would light up on the screen giving the player an easier time investigating. The mechanics are already simple but dumbed down further with the introduction of the guides.

Even the original actors voicing themselves in the game could not save it from the lackluster story. The game only has five cases, making it a short linear story with uninteresting plot points. The developers also barely used Miami as part of the story, wasting possibilities like more notable locations in the game. Overall it is understandable why CSI: Miami counts as a forgettable game.

Take Your Pick

Video games have a wide selection of genres, giving everybody a game they might enjoy. Some prefer large maps for free-roaming, while others want repetitive gameplay. However, there will always be a few games that aren’t worth your time. So take your pick and find a game that suits you.

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