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It’s time for a bit of nostalgia! Trick-taking card games have existed since the 15th century and are still popular today. While there are now thousands of modern trick-taking games, some classics have stood the test of time. In this blog post, we’ll look at 2023’s best classic trick-taking games so you can easily find your next favorite game.

Before 2023 ends, check out the top trick-taking card games that consistently provide unlimited fun and entertainment! Whether you’re searching for something easy to learn or want an intense challenge that will require both luck and strategy, you should be able to pick a suitable game for your friend group!

Trick-Taking Games that Millions Have Played this Year

Only a few months are left in 2023, which has proven a fruitful year for card games. The holidays are right around the corner, and what better way to spend time with your loved ones than playing a game of cards? That said, below are the most played trick-taking games of 2023:


The first game on our list is none other than Spades. Its game mechanics are easy to learn and not hard to master, so even newbies will surely love playing it. Of all the trick-taking games on this list, Spades is one of the most well-known!

As you try to win tricks, you won’t feel super stressed out! Spade’s gameplay is more relaxed but still offers everyone the right amount of challenge. If this is your first time playing this infamous trick-taking game, download a mobile app or find a web-based platform to hone your skills.

An example is Spades: Classic Card Games by MobilityWare. It’s an offline game, so there’s no need to connect to the internet to play. Play it and stimulate your brain before the year ends!


Trick-evading games are the exact opposite of what trick-taking games are all about, but it’s considered a variation of trick-taking where the core elements remain the same. The main goal for these types of games is for players to avoid certain cards not to get penalty points. That’s exactly what Hearts is about. If you haven’t played it before, now’s your time to shine by playing it at for free!

Hearts is a popular trick-avoidance card game where you aim to avoid cards from the Hearts suit as they’re equal to one point. Many other variations exist, and you can also try them out to see which offers the most challenge. Some examples include:

  • Black Maria
  • Black Lady
  • Omnibus Hearts
  • Heartsette
  • Cancellation Hearts

Of all the variants on the list, Black Lady and Black Maria are probably two of the most played due to their more complex features. With the addition of Queen of Spades for Black Lady and King, Queen, and Ace of Spades for Black Maria – who wouldn’t want to try them out? If you’re not ready yet, hone those skills first by playing in for free and learn more about the history of Hearts with some useful tips too!


Euchre is a game similar to Spades in many ways, but it stands out because it’s more difficult and has more complex features. Euchre is played with four players paired into two teams competing to win tricks. Interestingly, a deck of only 24 cards is used in Euchre. On the other hand, Spades uses a full deck of 52 cards.

Unlike other trick-taking games, Euchre’s highest-valued card is the Jack of the trump suit, followed by the Jack of the same color as the trump suit. Meanwhile, other similar games have Ace as the highest-ranking card.

This element makes Euchre more unpredictable and exciting!

If you’re looking for a game that will keep you on your toes, try Euchre. You can practice your skills through Euchre 3D, a modern mobile app for those interested in its gameplay!

Oh Hell/Contract Whist

Oh Hell, also known as Contract Whist, is a card game with British origins with a goal of taking exactly the number of tricks bid. The bid is specified after the deal, and modern variants have a set number of deals players can play instead of the traditional 100 points.

Basics of Oh Hell:

  • Trumps are identified after turning a card from the stockpile when all cards are dealt
  • Deal, auction, and play are all clockwise, beginning with the player on the dealer’s left
  • Score the most points by bidding the exact amount of tricks a player can take
  • Trick winners lead the next trick during the play

Oh Hell was introduced in the U.S. via New York clubs in 1931. Since then, it has become one of the best round games ever created. It’s worth noting Oh Hell has several variants, all with subtle rule differences. The list above contains the standard rules all variants follow. Are you interested and want to try it yourself? Download Oh Hell! – Contract Whist on your mobile device and see who’s the best at taking the right amount of tricks!


Known as Scat in some regions, Skat is a top-rated game in Germany and has influenced many other card games since then. This card game is a part of the Ace-Ten family and uses 32 cards, which involves three players – a declarer and two defenders. It’s also considered the most complex game on this list.

The three players in Skat are known as the forehand, middlehand, and rearhand, with the rearhand as the dealer. The remaining two players are the defenders who will try to prevent the declarer from reaching the game goal. The general objective of Skat is to have the highest scoring value in tricks won!

Tournament Skats are held in restaurants, and it’s recognized as a sport, complete with clubs, associations, ranking lists, and a national league. Its popularity is more focused in Germany, so it’s no surprise that Skat is one of the most well-loved games in that country this year.

Dominate Your Opponents with Classic Card Games that Led 2023

Are you ready to bring out your competitive side and dominate in some of the classic card games mentioned above? You’ll never get bored with their unique rules, gameplay, and challenges! Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced player, there’s always something new to learn and improve. Gather your friends and family, or join online communities and show off your skills before 2023 ends!

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