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It’s impossible to deny that the enhancements made in the gaming world haven’t elevated the overall product. In fact, the power and sophistication of this commonly explored entertainment option has resulted in a far better package for the consumer in terms of the high-quality product they can invest in, although there is a strong argument to suggest that gaming has become rather expensive. As such, many people seek out free games. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of more affordable gaming options in the modern environment. Some free releases are classic games that have been given a modern-day makeover, while others are fresh creations that have gathered momentum in the community in recent times. Additionally, some free games require a download, while others can be accessed in seconds. While options like the Nintendo Switch’s exclusive games tend to hog the limelight, these free gaming opportunities are still managing to appeal to many members of the gaming community. 

So, whether you’re interested in a top indie release or you’re open to a free FPS product, let’s assess some of the best platforms for free games right now.


Kongregate has been a go-to option since 2007

Ever since it first came to the fore in 2007, Kongregate has been entertaining a huge amount of people. Now owned by Gamestop Corporation, which has resulted in an enhanced overall package for gaming audiences, there are more than 120,000 free products that can be explored effortlessly on this slick and easy-to-use website. You can, of course, spend $30 to gain access to a variety of special features, such as chat rooms and special themes, but a free sign-up will more than suffice, given the array of releases that can be explored for hours. From shooters and role-playing releases to puzzle and action titles, there are so many games that are worth some serious time and attention on this popular free gaming site.

Even Netflix offers games now 

While Netflix isn’t strictly free, many people have it without realizing that the American subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service now offers a plethora of mobile-friendly games. Accessible through a standard Netflix subscription, there are a range of great releases to sample that can be enjoyed after a movie marathon or in the middle of a somewhat dull documentary. Every month, Netflix’s selection of games is updated with new and improved releases, too. At the moment, though, the leading titles that can be sampled for free are Asphalt Xtreme, Desta: The Memories Between, Into the Dead 2, Krispee Street, Stranger Things 3: The Game, and TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge. 

Play free slots in demo mode at an online casino

Online casinos appeal to so many people these days. One of the many reasons for this is due to the extensive selection of products that are housed at an online casino. You can even play free slots in demo mode at an online casino, with plenty of excellent gaming products standing out right now. These games can be sampled for free before a gamer decides whether or not to venture further in and play for real money. For example, Bigger Bass Bonanza is a popular themed slot release that appeals to the fishing community, although many people who don’t wear waders and handle maggots still play the game due to the vibrant, eye-catching design of the game, alongside the strong entertainment this 5-reel, 4-row game offers. Additionally, fruity releases with a 70s style disco soundtrack appeal, such as Jammin’ Jars, while classic table games like blackjack can be explored in more detail, too. Overall, online casinos are great options.

Steam houses a large range of free games 

Although many of the products featured on the platform cost money, Steam has made evident moves into the free category of gaming by adding a range of solid products. These games are available for download for free and can be sampled without a subscription or a credit card. You can, of course, update your Steam wallet should you wish to invest in a particular product but you don’t have to if you’re enjoying it without spending a penny. Right now, the leading free titles on Steam include the likes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Lost Ark, PUBG: Battlegrounds, Apex Legends, Team Fortress 2, The Sims 4, and World of Warships. 

Newgrounds has great flash-based games 

While Newgrounds isn’t exactly the same as it used to be, there are still some great flash-based games to experience on the site. Also featuring music content and art work in 2023, a more detailed search will enable you to play some great free games. From adult-only titles to simulation releases, there are plenty of adventures to embark on in this favoured free gaming site for so many. You can even immerse yourself in Newgrounds’ community, with people regularly discussing gaming news and rumours in the site’s forums.

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