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There is no denying that the technology is advancing rapidly today. Tech has influenced every single industry so far, and some of the biggest trends are always found in entertainment. From CGI in movies to amazing graphics and features in video games, it seems that today we have it all. 

The gaming industry is truly picking up on the benefits of tech advances. Whether it is about single-player games or online platforms, the industry seems to be growing even more each year. The same applies to online casino games, as they are today tightly intertwined with the video game industry. So, let us explore this odd but interesting synergy between video games and online casinos.

The Transformation of Online Casinos and Gaming

In the late 20th century, tech innovations truly changed how we interact with games. With more advances in tech, the casino industry started to shape up into what we know today, and online casinos started emerging. This was a groundbreaking event in the gambling industry, and since then, online casinos simply keep evolving.

Back in the day, we only had land-based casinos which required you to physically be there and play the games at the tables. But, with the casinos going online, all that shifted and democratized the access to casino games. Ever since this industry went online, players got a chance to enjoy their favorite casino games with just a few clicks on their computers. Today, this is even more accessible as the finest trustworthy online casinos are always bettering themselves, rolling out apps, and optimizing their websites so everyone can use them.

Online casinos have the gaming industry to thank for their existence. Why? In the late 20th century, as the tech evolved, video games took a turn for the better. From simple PC games, studios started making console-based formats, and with tech and the internet, the games evolved into multi-player platforms accessible online. And when you look at the scene, genres, and studios today, we truly have come a long way since the 90s. And the games keep evolving.

This digital transformation allowed players more freedom and offered so many great gaming options. Today, players can communicate and interact with each other in real time, they have a much better gaming experience and the gaming community has grown. What’s more, this transition in gaming opened the door for online casinos and created an amazing synergy.

Blending of the Elements

Since the two industries grew together, it was inevitable for them to blend and cross-pollinate in features. This blend has led to amazing improvements in game experience, as well as user satisfaction, diversity, and so much more. There are a few trends worth noting here:

Gamification of online casinos

Gaming elements found their way to online casinos. This resulted in a new concept called ‘gamification’. This means the application of typical gaming features in traditional casino games (leveling up, achieving objectives, earning rewards, etc.). This new concept and blending of the elements brought a much better user experience and has led to casino games being more interactive and immersive.

Casino elements in video games

Since this is a two-way street, video games picked up some casino elements, too. The biggest example is loot boxes which feature a casino-like system and can be found in many video games. This trend means that players can pay with their real or virtual money for a loot box, hoping to get a rare in-game item. This makes loot boxes a bit more like games of chance. 

Also, we can’t forget to mention how we can see more and more casino elements and themes in video games. Today, we have video games that have their own mini-games which are usually casino-based. One such example is Witcher 3: Wild Hunt where you can play a game within a game and play Gwent – a card game with which you can win in-game currencies.

It goes without saying that tech innovations are contributing greatly to the convergence of the gaming and casino industries. With better tech, the integration of features is easier and makes a seamless blend of entertainment forms. Tech is advancing fast, and casino and gaming industries are not falling behind. Rather, they are evolving, and ever-changing and we can only speculate what the future holds.

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