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The most exciting gadgets we’re looking forward to in 2024Every new year brings us a host of new gadgets that could change our daily lives. Whether they are innovations or a product that will be available in a new form, every gadget lover is looking forward to testing them out for themselves. Some of them may not be of any use whatsoever while others will provide the perfect solution to a problem that has hitherto occurred during certain activities.

If you are a fan of new things that can spice up your life or make certain activities unique, then keep reading this article.

Shower Power Speaker

Do you find yourself transforming into the famous Freddie Mercury in the shower? If so then you will definitely be excited about this gadget. Shower Power is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that is charged by flowing water while you take a shower. The efficient use of water is not the only advantage of this product. 100% of the plastic used for this innovative speaker comes from plastic waste from the ocean.

The energy generated by the water is also used after the shower – when the water stops flowing, the speaker’s battery will last for another 10 hours of playback. So you can take your time brushing your teeth or getting ready to go out with friends.

Moflin robot

When you think of robots, you probably think of a metal construction with artificial light flashing eyes and electronic sound. However, the Vinguard Industries brand is proving that this image has long gone. The Japanese tech giant has developed a robot named Moflin that is fluffier than your pillow.

With the help of various sensors embedded in it and emotion technology, the robot responds to interactions and learns on the fly. According to the creator, with the solutions used, it can evolve its behaviour like humans or animals. Will Moflin be able to replace a live animal? Personally, we’re not convinced, but it’s certainly a nice gadget that your dog can respond to with great enthusiasm.

Razer Blade 15 laptop

The Razer Blade 15 gaming laptop is equipped with a seventh-generation Intel Core i10 processor, which ensures smooth gameplay even when streaming. This processor minimises lag and enables multitasking for maximum performance. The hardware comes with Windows 10 Home, so you can also use the Razer Blade 15 for work. And this specification is complemented by 16GB of RAM, allowing you to run even the most demanding games and apps. If you need a portable device that’s designed to handle the latest titles on the market, then this laptop is the perfect solution for you. The most demanding titles this device can handle can be found in the table below.

Hazel mask

What once might have been considered a joke in 2024 is becoming a reality. An American manufacturer has created the world’s most intelligent mask, which not only looks futuristic, but also has amazing features. Ventilation filters on the sides of the mask, filter out 95% of all airborne bacteria. The most common types of airborne bacteria are:

  • micrococcus
  • bacillus;
  • achromobacter.

The charging case also uses UV light to sterilise any germs during charging. Another nice addition is that, thanks to the transparent design, you can see the face of the person in front of you. Because the mask does not end directly over the mouth, communication remains clear and facial expressions visible despite the artificial barrier. Would you buy such a mask for yourself? It is certainly a great alternative to boring and cheap fabric masks.

Bolt thermal mug

This is an absolute must-have for all coffee, cocoa or tea lovers. According to the manufacturer, the hot beverage can be kept at the desired temperature for up to four hours.

You are probably thinking that this is just another USB mug that has appeared on the market. Of course, you’re right, but do you know a mug that simultaneously heats your drink and can be washed in the dishwasher? The Bolt can do both – the electronics and the mug are separated by a snap mechanism, so you can put it in the dishwasher and wash it without hesitation. Will you be convinced to buy this gadget? If so, we are sure you won’t regret it!

Flying drone with camera

What’s better than a security camera that can only monitor a selected area?

A Ring Always Home Cam drone that patrols your entire property! This device is actually a camera mounted on a self-contained drone.

The advantage of this product is that it can also move around and record the area inside your home. In fact, this standalone camera replaces several external cameras that can be mounted in different areas of the house. When set to ‘Away’ mode, the Ring Always Home Cam will fly to where its sensors have detected something.

Mirror portrait

If you’re only familiar with holograms from sci-fi movies then you’ll be surprised to see a mirror portrait. This is a photo frame with a so-called ‘holographic display’ that shows content as 3D objects that can even move.

To create such a hologram yourself, all you need is a camera or a scanned photo. The software then converts the image to 3D on its own. In the process, the frame creates a field of light that can show between 45 and 100 angles of a 3D image. Of course, such technology also comes at a price: after all, a smart photo frame costs more than £1,200.

VR treadmill

To make your home VR experience the best it can be, you should be able to move anywhere. You can do all this with the Virtuix Omni One VR treadmill. In fact, this home VR treadmill allows you to move forward, backward, and sideways.

Furthermore, it can even detect if you are squatting or kneeling. In addition, the Virtuix Omni is only 120 centimetres in diameter. So it won’t take up much space in your home. VR gaming has never been as immersive as it is now!


If you like tricky puzzles and fun games, you should definitely give WOWCube a chance. It is a cube that is divided into 2 x 2 x 2 squares, with a small screen on each square. Various content can be displayed on it, such as games or widgets. The possible uses of the cube are therefore versatile – you can get creative yourself.

Similar to a Rubik’s cube, the individual pieces of the cube can be rotated and moved. The WOWCube reacts to turning, tilting, shaking and other gestures. It is a gadget that will appeal to those who like logical challenges.

Smart cot

This is the ideal device for parents. Thanks to the smart cot, you can finally sleep through the night again. Cradlewise is the name of the company whose invention could soon lull your baby to sleep. How it works. Various sensors and a camera above the cot automatically detect when the baby wakes up. Then the whole bed automatically starts to rock quietly. This movement is so natural that it resembles an ordinary rocking by a parent.

At the same time, the integrated speakers play calming music, depending on the setting. This is intended to make the child fall asleep even before he or she is fully awake. Using an app, the bed can also be used during the day as a kind of phone for the child: Parents can always keep an eye on their ward thanks to the built-in camera and integrated microphones.

Vaonis Vespera telescope

The Vaonis Vespera telescope is suitable for all astronomy enthusiasts. This compact and powerful research station is both a telescope and a camera. Get in touch with the stars, observe the cosmos and share what you see with family and friends. Simply use the dedicated app to take your own photos of various objects. With this telescope you can:

  • discover and observe the night sky;
  • take your own photos of celestial bodies;
  • learn about the cosmos;
  • share your discoveries with friends.

This compact telescope is only 38 cm high and weighs only 4.5 kilograms, so it will even fit in your backpack. It has a powerful, distortion-free optical design and a Sony sensor specifically designed for low-light conditions.


Do you remember the era of walkie-talkies? When we were younger, we often used them to play hide-and-seek to give a hint to the person who was looking. It was a fascinating opportunity to talk at a distance. Now, of course, everything has been improved and we don’t mean smartphones. Milo is a handy speaker with a microphone that works completely without the use of the internet or apps.

Attached to clothing with the included tape and magnet, it allows long-distance conversations in all situations and environments. It is dust- and waterproof according to IP67 certification and, according to the manufacturer, can also withstand extreme cold.

This innovative gadget can be connected to one or more other Milo devices. Communication then takes place via its own encrypted network. This outdoor gadget could be a worthwhile purchase, especially for skiers, cyclists, surfers, sailors or climbers.

Aromeo Sense

Did you know that smells can affect your concentration and productivity? Aromeo has developed a practical gadget for this very specificity of the human body: ‘Aromeo Sense’ is a smart wellness tool consisting of a diffuser, a lamp and a speaker.

The diffuser can hold up to three different aromatic oils, the scents of which can also be mixed. More than 100 light settings complement the olfactory stimuli with visual impressions. For auditory perception, a music library is also available.

By combining the individual stimuli, Aromeo Sense can help you concentrate, relax or fall asleep. You can purchase this diffuser from as little as £400.


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